10 Reasons You Know You’re a Beach Bum

If you're like me, you like to spend as much time as possible on the beach. After work, before work, on the weekends, at night, it doesn't … [Read more...]

Did you feel it? Because you were robbed.

Did you feel it? Because you were robbed. And no, I'm not talking about the sky-high gas prices. I'm talking about pre-Memorial Day Cape Cod. All … [Read more...]

I’m Obsessed with Cleaning

I think there might be something wrong with me. Lately I have been obsessed with cleaning. I know it’s spring…but what does “spring cleaning” really … [Read more...]

Summer is Here!

Greetings! Can you believe that summer is here again? I am excited for another great Cape Cod time! It's no secret I am a beach bum, so with … [Read more...]

Summer Starts And Ends At The ‘Commah!

If this is a true statement, then summer starts this week – and Mother Nature is in full agreement. With the first few days of sunny skies and … [Read more...]

VIDEO: The Sandbars at Rock Harbor Beach

Monday was an exceptional day to be out and about exploring on the Cape. We started in Chatham, went to Orleans before heading west towards … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Sunset in Truro

Enjoy this short, but very beautiful time lapse of a Cape Cod sunset in Truro! What is your favorite sunset spot on the Cape? The views here are … [Read more...]

Does This Happen to You When Your Favorite Song Comes On the Radio?

28ow do you show your enthusiasm for your favorite song?  Does it wake you up from sleep?  Well, this little girl has us all … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Dear Addict

This weekend I was part of a terrifying event that I never imagined I would witness, much less be part of. I witnessed an overdose. I was not in a bar … [Read more...]

VIDEO: A Day at Nauset Beach

It was a nice day to be at Nauset Beach on Monday.  Take a look at what it looked like. This beach and many others will be packed before … [Read more...]

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