37 Signs That You’re a Cape Codder

Do you call yourself a Cape Codder? Try these statements on for size and see if they fit. Whether you were born here, washed ashore, or visit frequently, some of these might apply to you. How many of these reasons do you agree with? Do you have any of your own that you would like to add to this list?  Let us know at the bottom of this feed!

1. You are “On” the Cape, NOT “In” or “At”.


2. You Know The Bridge Usually Means Traffic.

KA_Road Traffic Signs_sagamore_Highway_Route 6_Exit_Winter_Cloudy_020316_023

3. You Know Which Dunkin’s have Drive Thru’s and which don’t.

Dunkin Donuts Reportedly For Sale

4. You Know What a Peck of Freshly Dug Clams Looks Like.


5. If you’ve moved away from the Cape, you know that your wife will not truly be happy until you move “Back to the Cape”.


6. You were wicked pissed when GPS Units started showing the back roads.

GPS car navigation

7. You still know the back roads better than the GPS units.


8. You never reveal your favorite beach.


9.  You Know That Columbus Day Weekend is the Best Time of Year on the Cape.

Columbus Day

10.  You know someone who was an extra in either Summer Catch, Jaws or One Crazy Summer!

11. You Go to the Beach Year Round.

KA_Wellfleet_Uncle Tim's Bridge_Winter_2016_030316_003

12. You know the best times to make a run to the Packy.


13. You can give directions to the tunnel to Martha’s Vineyard.


14. You know what Figawi stands for.


15. You know what a mermaid’s purse is.


16. This is how you feel each time you see this bridge.


17. You’ve had intimate relationships with fried clams.


18. You know that Cape Cod Potato Chips go with everything.


19. You know the differences between towns and villages.

Falmouth Woods Hole - Penzance

20. You can easily find all of the errors on this map.


21. You know someone who knows someone who dated a Kennedy.


22. You know the best places to catch a sunset.


23. You are an ice cream snob.


24. You know how to use a rotary and know where this rotary is.


25. Only on a Cape road could you be going north, but actually going south.


26. You refer to the rest of the world as “off Cape.”


27. You wear flip flops as much as possible.


28. You know that Piping Plovers taste like chicken.


29. You have a favorite place to sit at Cape League games.


30. You know not to swim with seals.


31. You’ve gone bridge jumping.

No Diving or Jumping Sign

32. You can sing the Lobster Claw Restaurant radio jingle.

33. You use your outdoor shower from April to November.


34. Sand is a permanent part of your car’s interior.


35. You know the difference between Upper Cape, Mid Cape, Lower Cape and Outer Cape.


36.  You Know The Right Way to Pronounce “Scallop”.

Bourne Scallop Festival

37. You know the difference between 4C’s and Four Seas.


Which of these reasons did you agree with? Disagree with? What else do you think makes a Cape Codder? Let us know!

Looking For Something Else?

One of the reasons listed above is a quote by one of our visitors to CapeCod.com. Take a look at some of our other favorite quotes from our visitors! Do you you have any Cape Cod quotes you would like to share?



  1. Loved seeing this. My company wrote & produced the Lobster Claw jingle (and my partner voiced that spot) 30 years ago in Orleans. At the time, the owner said he wanted a jingle like Thompson’s Clam Bar which would stand the test of time. Done!

    • Alex Ashbourne says:

      Wow! I love that jingle and sing along every time. Well done your company! I’ve been coming to the Cape from London every summer for 41 years. But I’ve still never eaten at the Lobster Claw! Next summer….

    • I ate at the lobster claw with friends. We sat and sang the jingle, then sang the Thompson’s Clam bar jingle, so happy to know this

  2. Jackie Frasier says:

    We go directly from winter into summer. Cape has Avery small spring. Wind of the water you know.

  3. Rachel White says:

    provincetowners travel “up Cape” All others say “down Cape”!

  4. Syrel Dawson says:

    You avoid supermarkets on Saturday throughout summer.

  5. Ellen Venditti says:

    You negotiate rotaries without difficulty.

  6. Dee Tucker says:

    you know all the back roads to take in the summer to avoid the trafic

  7. You know to stay off the roads on rainy days during the summer!

    • Susan Barker says:

      My gosh yes, the whole world is out and about. I have been going to the Cape since I was 3 years old, started camping , then a cottage occasionally
      now hotels, motels, resorts………………….

  8. You know the difference between the ocean and bay beaches

  9. Greg Audrain says:

    I want to go to Cape Cod NOW!!!!

  10. Susan Baker says:

    I know the Summers are busiest time because of all the tourist love coming to the Cape.

  11. Susan Baker says:

    I love being on the beaches on Cape Cod

  12. Laurie Ferraro says:

    There are 2 types of SHOTS. Bermuda & the ones you drink!!

  13. You flex 💪🏻 your arm to point out where you live on Cape

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