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You’ve heard the old saying “laughter is the best medicine,” but have you ever noticed how true that is?

Granted, from time to time, you are not in any mood to laugh. There are times that we are so hyper-focused on the things in our lives that aren’t funny, but this blog is just a small little reminder to find a moment in your day to laugh.

I don’t mean just LOL (laugh out loud) for no apparent reason because let’s face it, people will think you’re insane. I mean, find someone or something that you know will bring a smile to your face.

I never fully understood how much laughing helps until I moved away from home. I was living in London, working all day and night with no social life and really missing everyone at home. Then, a few weeks after I moved, I got on the phone with my sister and for some reason we just started to talk about our crazy family and the things that were going on in our lives and I had to pull my car over because I was laughing so hard. It was at that moment that I realized laughter is not only the best medicine, it’s cheaper than therapy.

Making people laugh is something I take much joy in. When at parties, I’m usually the one holding court and making jokes (I know, me wanting attention? Absurd!). And recently, when I was out to brunch with friends, I realized that I have a knack to snap quick with a one liner that will can make everyone at the table forget whatever problems they’re having and just have a laugh. It’s a good feeling and it’s one we should all share with each other.

The final thought I have about laughter is that not only is it the best medicine, it’s an aphrodisiac. Oh yes, what I lack in washboard abs and good posture, I more than make up for in my ability to make you chuckle. Hopefully you will laugh hard enough where you won’t notice my bad posture or lack of washboard abs—there’s always hope. I started to think about this over the weekend when I had dinner with my grandparents. My grandfather, an Irish/Catholic Boston-born two-star general, was talking about what has made his marriage to my grandmother a success for almost 60 years.

Grandfather: (Sips martini) “You know Sean, everything in life starts to fade. Your looks, your job, your money, it’s all temporary. I mean you don’t have good looks but I’m just using an example.”

Oh yes, this is the man who is about to give me sound life advice.

Grandfather: “Do you know what has kept your grandmother and I together for as long as we have? Every day, I make her laugh. Don’t ever be with someone who doesn’t make you laugh because if you find that someone, you’ll have something that’s yours forever.”
(Sips martini).

And if today you find yourself laughing, from a small giggle to a giant laugh attack, congratulations, your prescription has been filled.

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