DO THIS NOT THAT: The New Year’s Resolution Edition

New Year’s Resolution are a tradition rich in cynicism and negativity.SeanDoherty I’m serious, when was the last time you told people what your resolution was and you could tell they were rolling their eyes…it’s a sad truth but one that you can overcome easily. The biggest problem with NYR is that people are specific enough about HOW they plan to accomplish them. It’s fine and dandy to say “I’m going to do X in 2015) but when someone asks you how, you don’t know…then you spend so much time with things that don’t work that you give up and feed into the statistic. This blog is about how to go about making your resolutions specific and practical. 2015 is going to be a great year for you, if you just make the plan make it happen.

Instead of saying “I’m Going to Lose Weight”try the following:

“I’m going to log my eating and workout habits.”

Being accountable for what you eat and how you exercise keeps you honest and helps you stay focused.

“I’m going to change one thing about my eating habits each month.”

Everyone has that one thing they can’t resist. For me it’s wine and bread (I should have been an Apostle) but I know that just by removing one thing I binge on, it will greatly improve my health.

“I’m going to work out three days a week”

But you actually have to do it! Get a calendar, mark of the days you’re going to work out and BOOM…results.

Instead of saying”I’m Going to Spend Less and Save More” try the following:

“I will create and stick to a monthly (or weekly) budget”

One of my worst habits is over spending, but when you know what you have to spend and you actually stick to it, it becomes a habit and a helpful one!

“I’m going to set aside money automatically.”

If you make X per week and you know your bills are Y per month, don’t get all caught up at the end of the month with debt, just take a small amount of Y out

of your weekly pay and in no time, the end of the month money will be there and ready to go!

“I’ll cut down these three major bills.”

Credit cards, phone bills and luxuries all add up real quick. But just cutting a little bit of each by something you’re comfortable with will quickly help you get on track

Instead of saying: “I Plan to Enjoy Life, Worry Less, Be Happier, Etc.” try:

“I will schedule time to worry”

Like any other emotion, if you need to, you can table worrying to a time that’s convenient for you. Don’t believe me? Try it!

“I’m going to take two real vacations this year.”

They don’t have to be chartered flights to the South Pacific but if your goal is to enjoy life, enjoy the times in your life that you can feel totally relaxed, wherever that might be…make a plan to go there and enjoy it!

“I will meditate once a day.”

Find 3-7 minutes a day to find a quiet place and clear your mind. You can go in your car and crack the window and just close your eyes. Clear away anything negative that’s going on in your life and make a plan for the positive…you’ll be surprised how clarity and focus can help your day/week/month/year greatly improve.

“My New Year’s Resolution Is…”

To make time every day to be thankful for what I have and make a plan to work for what I want! Wish me luck and the best of luck with yours.

Happy 2015!!!

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