Bathroom Remodeling – A Few Things to Think About Before You Dive In

Remodeling a bathroom is a project that can require expensive planning, but can yield many benefits for a homeowner… and a home.

Depending on the size of the bathroom, and the extensiveness of the changes you want to make, you should first decide if this is a challenge that you, as a do-it-yourselfer, are up to handling. The job will require a variety of tools, materials, possible demolition, and many hours of dedication.

Here are a few items to consider for a DIY project because, in reality, you likely won’t be able to do absolutely everything yourself. Remodeling often requires an electrician, a plumber, and perhaps even a permit from your local ordinance.

You need a plan. This doesn’t mean merely what type of lighting you want, or whether a Jacuzzi tub is better than a claw-foot soaking tub. It means you need measurements, and a detailed floorplan of how you want the remodeled bathroom to look. Will you be changing the placement of the toilet or shower? Adding or removing a linen closet? There are many details that need to be considered before you begin.

Watch online tutorials on topics related to how to remodel a bathroom, and determine which parts of the work you can handle on your own. You should definitely know your limitations and be aware of building codes. If you do need help, hire someone who is licensed and insured.

When creating the design for the layout of the bathroom remodel, take accurate measurements so that the new vanity you selected will fit and the right amount of tile is ordered. Keep in mind that relocating fixtures such as the toilet, tub or faucets might not be possible because of the plumbing cost. However, replacing a tub with a custom shower with tile and a glass door can provide a new, modern look that you’ll love.

Be sure to have alternate bathroom facilities – including storage for toiletries – while the remodeling work is taking place, whether you do the work yourself or hire a contractor. If the bathroom that you’re going to remodel is the only bathroom in the house, you might have to consider alternate living arrangements for a short time, and figure that into your budget.

The fun, smaller details will also be important, such as paint or wallpaper? What type of flooring do you want? Mold-resistant paint is a favorite in an environment that will often be damp from baths and showers. Also, slip-resistant tile flooring is a huge plus in a bathroom, especially if there are older people living in the home.

Freestanding or claw-foot bathtubs continue to be aesthetically pleasing, while glass-enclosed showers with no tub are still great additions to smaller spaces. Under-sink storage remains huge, so make sure you measure your space correctly before you check out the wide range of vanities that have great storage options.

While gray and white continues to be the favorite color of coastal-area bathrooms, small pops of subdued color, like light blues or beiges, can make a bathroom feel more like a tranquil oasis. And, while paint is still the go-to for many bathrooms, wallpaper can give a smaller bathroom (or half bath) a fun and interesting bit of character. Don’t forget the enormous variety of hardware available. There is literally something for everyone. Hit some design pages on the Internet to find out what speaks to you.

Remodeling a bathroom is a major project, and depending on what you’re going to do, it can cost a pretty penny. So, make sure you’re up to the challenge, have a flexible budget (in case you need to call in the pros) and create something beautiful and functional.

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