Best Places to See Seals on Cape Cod

Seal watching is something that everyone does when visiting a beach on Cape Cod. Not only is it fun to see if you can spot one, but it is also especially important to be aware of seals in case of sharks following in their wake. There are many fantastic locations across the Cape that are great for seal watching, but there are some that are the best. These six locations are where you can see many, many seals during the right time of year. Whether watching seals from a distance at Lighthouse Beach, or watching seals follow the boats in at the Chatham Fish Pier, or even being on a boat yourself watching the massive haul-out of seals on the sandbars at Monomoy; Cape waters have no shortage of seals!


Be sure to check out these great photos of seals from the six locations as well as some additional views of the beaches themselves!

Where to See Seals

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Watch a couple of curious seals at the Chatham Fish Pier!


  1. Sang Ze says:

    Be very wary of “seal watching” tours on the Cape. You can see far more seals by taking a walk along the shore in the National Seashore than you can from any of these overpriced boats.

  2. Joan Gonfrade says:

    I think they need to take immediate action to thin out the seal population. Everyone thinks these are cute little seals. The truth is they are as big as an adult human and are polluting and out fishing the Monomoy Island area. I took a seal watch several years ago and thought the over population was disgusting then. It is much worse today. They attract sharks, and soon there won’t be a beach on that side of the cape that is safe to swim in.

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