Homeowner’s Headquarters: A Discussion with Moniz Home Improvement, Inc. on a Home’s Structure

Being at home need not be unproductive. There are plenty of things you can do around the house that you’ve been putting off.

Companies like Moniz Home Improvement are ready to help you with your bigger projects.  Specializing in door replacements, windows, siding, decks, and open concept construction, Ken Moniz is the one to call when walls need to be removed and beams need installing. But that’s not all. Moniz can take a look at the overall structure and see where repairs need to be made.

Windows, he says, have tell-tale signs when they need replacing. “Typically, by looking at the house, you can tell with the window trim and the sills, and sometimes the glass, when things have been disturbed or are wearing out. There doesn’t have to be rot present, but that’s another indication that their time has come.” Glass, he says, loses its seal, and the gas between the two panes of glass leaks out, causing the windows to fog up or show condensation inside.

The brand of window he’d recommend depends on the home. If it’s new construction, Andersen or Marvin windows are what Moniz would recommend, which come in specific sizes. “I use Harvey when we’re dealing with replacing old units, because those can be custom-made to fit the size of the existing old window.  Harvey or Marvin does a lot to preserve that historic look.” Turn-around time, he says, is anywhere from three to four weeks from the date of purchase.

With the foundation of a home, Moniz would inspect it for any cracks or structural damage. “With the foundation, a wide variety of things can go wrong,” he says.” I would start by filling any cracks with a crack sealer for concrete. Inject it right into the cracks.

“If there aren’t any cracks, I would recommend a water sealer should be used throughout the basement, floors and walls as part of foundation maintenance.  If the damage to the foundation is severe, where it’s actually sagging quite a bit, then you’re looking at having the house lifted and a new foundation poured. Cosmetically, though, you can seal the cracks, and water seal it, and it should be good.”

Another area he focuses on is the roof.  Telltale signs like missing or loose shingles, shingles that are curling up at the edges, sagging in the roof structure and of course leaks, are all signs of a problem. Flooring that’s tilted or unbalanced is indicative of a bigger problem, as well.

“If there’s sagging in the roof, you’d have to get up into the attic space, tear down the insulation, and install bridging which would correct the curve of the roof,” says Moniz. “Another area is unbalanced floors. If they’re really bad, you’d have to go down to the understructure and jack it up and possibly install new framing materials.”

Moniz, who is a rehab specialist in his industry, knows it’s his job to identify problems in the home, such as any safety hazards, leaks in the roof or windows, structural issues like moisture in crawl spaces that may lead to floor replacements, etc. Between the floor joists and the ceiling rafters are where the most common problem areas of a home, especially in older buildings.

With social distancing keeping people out of showrooms, Moniz suggests his customer go onto different websites and look at products, and pick out materials they want for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms. Unless the client already has a detailed plan that’s been approved by the town, Moniz said he would still need to come by and look at the scope of work.

“Some people prefer to leave keys in a lock box. If the house is vacant, it gives us a chance to go in, take all precautions while we’re there, to measure, and give them a more accurate scope of work with pricing.”

Moniz said he and his team are available to help. You can call the office, visit the website or send an email. He added that, during the pandemic, his company is trying to assist those in need.

“We’re offering our services to people who are experiencing a hardship, financially, and need emergency service. We’re deferring payment up to three months, and offering special financing, as well.”

For more information on Moniz Home Improvement, visit their website at https://kenmoniz.com/.   You can also call or email them with the below contact information. Phone: 774-237-0317
Email: [email protected]

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