It’s Time to Fall Back. What Will YOU Do With an Extra Hour?

It’s that time of year again – time to change the clocks back an hour and gain an extra hour in your day. What would you do with an extra hour? Sleep? Read? Exercise? The possibilities are endless.

We asked some of our co-workers what they’d do with an extra hour. Here are some of their answers.

An extra hour with the ones I love, yeah, that’s worth an extra hour of 2020! I’ll never turn down an extra hour of sleep either. – Cathy Summers, Mid-Day Host on 99.9 The Q and Afternoon Host on Cape Country 104

I will spend my extra hour in bed – covers up, glasses on, book in hand – and read over my first AND second cup of coffee! – Cheryl Park, On-Air Personality, Ocean 104.9 and 99.9 the Q

If I had an extra hour in the day, I’d love to spend it doing something productive, but I’d probably waste it thinking about the things I could do, and then before I knew it the hour would be over. That’s exactly what happens when I have this crazy magic moment of both kids napping at once. – Rebecca Romo, Morning Show Host, 99.9 The Q

Call an old friend – not text, not email, not Facebook message. Pick an old friend whom I haven’t talked to in a long time and really catch up. Brush the dogs. Not sure if it’s the weather or her old age, but it can take an hour for a good brushing and undercoat removal of fur from Mazzy (she is over 100 lbs). Then I put the fluffy fur in spots around the back yard for the birds to use for winter nests. I’d also make Instant Pot chicken noodle soup – I know it’s an “Instant Pot,” but it still takes an hour for the best chicken noodle soup in the world! – Cat Wilson, “That Girl in the Morning” on Cape Country 104, and On-Air Personality, Ocean 104.7

I’d probably sleep. I’ve become a light sleeper lately. Another hour is always welcome.  Or, I’d be making an extra batch of slow-cooker beef stew.  If I’m not sleeping or making stew, I’d take a walk. My neighborhood is so peaceful in the early morning hours. I really should enjoy it more as the sun comes up. – Ann Luongo, Marketing Writer/Lifestyle Reporter

I’ve been enjoying a new and timely podcast called “Do This, Feel Better”, produced by a friend and former industry colleague. I’d spend the extra hour listening to that. Link here: – Steve Marcus, Director of Creative Services

 I’ll be spending some of my extra time on social media kindly reminding my friends and neighbors the proper way to say “Daylight Saving Time.” There is no such thing as “Daylight Savings Time.” We are saving daylight, not savings daylight.  I’m sure they will appreciate being corrected. Let’s bake a cake! There’s a treasure trove of dessert recipes that only take an hour.  I’ll be making this one: One Hour Flourless Chocolate Cake What a great way to celebrate the end of Daylight Saving! – Suzanne Tonaire, On-Air Personality

I’ll spend the extra hour with my Bernese Mountain Dog, Beethoven. He loves playing in the yard, belly rubs, treats (bacon-flavored), sniffing out the rabbit that he knows is hiding out in the bushes, watching CNN, and greeting our neighbors on the beach … especially his girlfriend, Sadie, a French poodle. – Sarah Murphy, Marketing Director

Not be working while the hour is literally repeating itself … true statement – Wayne White, Operations Manager

I never get to read enough. I’d use that hour to dive back into the novel I haven’t picked up in two weeks. – Pete Schmeck, Graphic Artist and Digital Design

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