When it Comes to CBD and Cannabis, Growing in Health Aims to Assist and Educate

There’s no denying that we’re living in stressful times. Experts have warned that the daily onslaught of negative news about current events is having an impact on our collective psyche, which can affect not only our minds, but our bodies, as well.

Stress and anxiety often present in aches and pains, sleeplessness, gastrointestinal issues, or a combination of these. Learning how to manage these symptoms isn’t always easy. It may be time to think outside the box when it comes to your personal well-being.

Hans Doherty, co-owner of Growing in Health, can educate you on the many benefits of cannabinoids, like CBD and CBN, and adding them to your daily self-care routine.

“When someone comes in who has never used CBD products before, but is seeking relief for a condition, we will talk to them about what formulation might be best for them.” Through conversation, Doherty can recommend a treatment. “I could talk to them over the phone, but it’s better to speak in person, find out what they’re using now, what their doctor recommends, etc. Often, the medical community will tell the patient to go ahead and give (CBD products) a try.”

Doherty said some questions are asked often, and only education will help people understand how his products can help them. Here are three questions he gets asked frequently:

What do I need? – Communication is extremely important. Doherty recommends a potential client visit the store and talk with him. Together, they can decide on the best first step and the best product for that person and their specific needs.

Will I get high from these products? – Growing in Health carries full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate products. Full-spectrum does contain a very low amount of THC, around .03 percent, so there is no “high” associated with these products. The broad-spectrum and isolate CBD products do not contain THC.

Is this going to interact with my other medications? – It’s possible. Doherty said they are very mindful of blood pressure medications. “We like to find out what they’re taking and do some research before recommending a product.” 

The method of delivery of the product is really up to the customer. The tincture (drops placed under the tongue) is still the best way to experience the effects of CBD, but there are those who’d prefer not to ingest anything. Growing in Health carries a variety of topicals for pain relief.

“Zuri-Freeze is our best seller. It’s very high strength and provides relief for many. For people who are concerned about putting something into their bodies, the topicals are generally the solution,” Doherty said, and they come in a variety of formulations, strengths and applications.

There are even products for those who suffer with skin conditions, Doherty said. “We have skin care products, cleansers, facial serum, daily creams and all are very high-quality. We carry lotions for those who are dealing with acne, eczema or psoriasis that help reduce redness and puffiness. We have tattoo ointment for pain relief that also nourishes the skin. And we also carry Zuri after-sun and burn care.”

If someone comes in with anxiety, Doherty said he will offer them the drops under the tongue. “That is the most effective and fastest way for absorption. That’s why the drops are the most popular. All the other products that are available, from the lollipops to the gummies – whatever it is that you’re taking, it’s just another method to get it into your body.”

CBD products are not just for humans, either. With summer here and all the noise (including fireworks) that the season brings, pets can suffer from anxiety. Growing in Health carries a wide range of treats and other products to keep your fur-child calm.

Doherty also talked about Growing in Health’s nonprofit, which was formed to provide community education and research, among other programs.

“The International Cannabis Physicians Association (ICPA) is a 503(c) nonprofit,” he said. “Through this, we are able to take donations and provide a tax-deductible write off for people who want to donate for education, and community outreach and awareness. The doctors involved in the ICPA are researching the benefits of cannabinoids and educating the public. It’s community outreach more than anything.”

One of Doherty’s partners is an attorney, Nicholas Gomes. “Through the ICPA, we work to expunge the records of those who’ve been convicted of cannabis crimes that are now considered legal; not federally, yet, but at least as far as the state goes. Gomes donates his time, so it’s free of charge.”

CBD isn’t the last stop on the train, Doherty said. If customers are not finding relief from the CBD products, Growing in Health offers MMJ patient certifications to help clients get access to medical dispensaries, if they choose to do so.

“THC is truly the best cannabinoid for pain,” he emphasized. “It’s all about the dosing. Too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. That being said, we’re very mindful of that transition into the THC products. The last thing we want a client to have is a bad experience.”

If you’re considering trying CBD products for your particular condition, you can visit growinginhealth.org to take a look at the products beforehand, or visit one of their three locations, including 800 Falmouth Road, in Mashpee. 


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