Will You Help Chip, Diamond & Nibbles Find a Home on Cape Cod?

Chip, Diamond, and Nibbles are male gerbils that currently live together. Gerbils are nocturnal, very adventurous, tend to have a friendly nature and can be easy to hand tame! Gerbils are social creatures and should be housed with same-sex gerbils.

We recommend a minimum tank size of 15 gallons, filled with about 2” of paper bedding or other nesting material. Nesting material should be loose, light, easy to manipulate. Enclosures should be well ventilated but kept out of direct drafts, and should provide plenty of enclosed opaque shelters for the gerbils to retreat into as desired. Enclosures should provide lots of enrichment for the gerbils to meet their natural needs in the areas of chewing/gnawing, physical movement, resting/hiding, and nesting material or food to forage. A properly sized wheel or disc is a necessity for the gerbils to meet their exercise needs!

The needs of each gerbil are unique and if you have questions about the right type of enclosure for the gerbil you are interested in, please let us know in your inquiry! We are happy to provide guidance and advice. If you’re excited to learn more, head to mspca.org to fill out an inquiry today!

Looking for a Pet?

The MSPCA Cape Cod has dogs and cats that need good homes! Please visit their location in Centerville! Each week, CapeCod.com, in conjunction with 99.9 the Q, picks an animal and tries to help find a home for that animal. See below for all the animals that we’ve helped and that are available still!


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