County Commissioner Proposes Idea to Use Bounty Hunters to Catch Cape’s ‘Criminal Illegal Aliens’

HYANNIS – A proposal to use bounty hunters on Cape Cod to locate and apprehend criminal illegal aliens has been proposed by a Barnstable County Commissioner.

In a letter sent to the NewsCenter and posted on Facebook, Ronald Beatty said there are millions of dangerous illegal aliens throughout the country who have committed crimes which range from identity theft and robbery to rape, assault and murder – and that some of them are here on Cape Cod.

Beaty said citizens have much to think about on the issue of illegal immigration due to the “nonsensical talk by misguided politicians about establishing sanctuary cities and sanctuary states to harbor criminal illegal aliens in recent years.”

Beaty believes using bounty hunters is an innovative way to help local law enforcement and federal agents with the challenging issue.

“In a lot of cases [bounty hunters] may already be involved in this if these people have been captured and brought before the court and then released on bail and then violate their bail terms,” Beaty said. “Then bail enforcement agents would be looking for them anyways.”

Beaty says the idea is a solution for individuals who argue that having local law enforcement enforce federal immigration laws takes up too much time and costs too much money.

“The advocates who seem to be wanting to coddle criminal illegal aliens are using the argument that it ties down law enforcement resources to help federal authorities,” he said. “Well I’m saying, ‘Okay, well if that’s true what are we doing to do about it?’ We’re going to have to do something about it.”

The proposal is also in response to the recent debate over the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office participation in a federal immigration enforcement program.

Sheriff James Cummings applied for the Section 287(g) program of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act earlier this year after being approached by federal officials in February and was granted approval last month.

The approval allows the Department of Homeland Security to deputize state and local law enforcement officers to enforce selected federal immigration law.

Deputies at the Barnstable County Correctional facility will receive access to ICE databases to check the status of individuals detained for serious crimes and start the process for deportation.

Beaty has come under fire for a number of controversial statements he has made since taking office at the beginning of 2017.

He has earned admirers and enemies for his relentless pursuit of open meeting law violations, even against his own commission. He picked a public fight with fellow Republican and 5th Barnstable District State Representative Randy Hunt over a parking space.

Beaty also took some public heat for a proposal to bait and kill great white sharks off the Cape’s shores.

As a result, several members of the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates have submitted an ordinance that seeks to establish a process to recall elected county officials.

The entire letter can be read below:

With nonsensical talk by misguided politicians about establishing sanctuary cities and sanctuary states to harbor criminal illegal aliens in recent years, citizens are left with much to ponder.

There are quite likely millions of highly dangerous criminal illegal aliens hiding out in our society, some right here on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, and across the nation.

Their crimes can range from identity theft and robbery, to more violent offenses like rape, assault and murder.

The police and/or federal agents can’t chase after all these persons and criminals. It takes much time, money and resources.

With the aforementioned background in mind, we should at least explore new and innovative methods for tackling this challenge.

I believe taking a look at having bounty hunters track & apprehend criminal illegal aliens is one such possible mechanism to assist with solving this daunting task.

Taxpayers, voters and concerned citizens should contact their Congressmen, Senators, and President Trump to ask that this idea be further explored.

Thank you.

Ron Beaty
Barnstable County Commissioner


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