HBO Documentary About Heroin Use on Cape Cod to Premiere at College

COURTESY OF HBO FILMS One of the heroin addicts featured in the HBO Documentary "Heroin: Cape Cod, USA" which will be screened at Cape Cod Community College next Thursday.

One of the heroin addicts featured in the HBO Documentary “Heroin: Cape Cod, USA” which will be screened at Cape Cod Community College next Thursday.

WEST BARNSTABLE – The premiere screening of the HBO Documentary “Heroin: Cape Cod, USA” will be held next week at Cape Cod Community College.

The film chronicles the stories of eight young Cape residents addicted to the drug, two of which died during production.

The screening will be held on Thursday, December 17 at 6 p.m. at the college’s Tilden Arts Center.

The documentary was directed by Oscar-winner Steven Okazaki and will debut on HBO on Monday, December 28 at 9 p.m.

“I was as surprised as everyone else who isn’t directly involved in the issue or have it directly in their family to find out how deeply embedded the problem has become,” said Lisa King, a co-producer on the film and Cape Cod resident.

King said the experience of making the film was eye opening.

“It’s been a tough 18 months. It’s been a lot of work,” she said. “It’s been heart breaking.”

King believes the film will provide relief for some who are impacted by the epidemic because it is helping to get the truth about addiction out to the public.

“It’s a very honest, difficult, poignant look at the issue and at people whose lives have been consumed by the issue or by drug addiction, specifically heroin or opiates,” King said.

She also thinks the film provides a sense of alarm for those people who haven’t had a firsthand look at addiction.

Kings said the film makers are hoping the film can help the public get a better awareness of the issue and to give policy makers a tool to get the work done that is needed to save lives and improve communities.

“It’s not just on Cape Cod, of course. It’s all over the country,” she said. “But we do have a unique set of circumstances that makes it in some ways worse in the Northeast.”

To join the wait list for free tickets to the screening at Cape Cod Community College click here.

The trailer for the film can be viewed below.


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  1. The land of ‘no responsibility’.

  2. Fascinating to me is how the talk show hosts and many of the listeners are blaming HBO for producing the documentary Same old if there is wrong that we don’t like let’s shoot the messenger….the media that brings it to attention.

  3. Very important film. We all want to stop heroin but we don’t all want to actually help, Some ‘good’ people in Springfield, MA are doing all they can to close The Able House. How hypocritical, how unChristian, to demand a place of recovery be closed. These nice, friendly folks are behaving in an utterly uncivilized manner. The men living in this home are drug free, hard working gentlemen who just want to stay clean. I know, my son lives there, I’ve been there to visit him. I only wish some one like Lisa King could help this neighborhood open their hearts and understand. Thank you for this documentary.

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