Where is Cape Cod?

Where is Cape Cod? 

Have you ever wondered: Where is Cape Cod?  Well, we have the answer for you!

Cape Cod is located in the state of Massachusetts in northeast United States. It is a peninsula that is connected by two bridges to the mainland. The Cape itself juts out into the Atlantic Ocean and is neighbored by the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard to the south. The Cape is made up of 15 towns and is regarded as being split into 4 regions: upper, mid, lower and outer Cape Cod. The Cape has been described by locals as being shaped like a bent arm. Barnstable County is the county associated with Cape Cod and is made up of just over 210,000 people according to the US census in 2013.

Cape Cod History

Where is Cape Cod

Many locations across the Cape have been influenced by the native population of the Cape prior to its colonization. The Nauset and Wampanoag peoples were Native American Tribes which occupied Cape Cod and some other parts of Massachusetts. Today, the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe is a federally recognized tribe and is listed on the Federal Register. Names such as NausetBeach and NausetRegionalHigh School are just two examples of some of the influence of the original population.

Known for its maritime history, Cape Cod has many lighthouses and historic locations within its charming towns and their associated villages. Locations such as the Three Sisters lighthouses or the Old-Harbor Life Saving Station represent the connection between Cape Cod and the ocean. Being a peninsula, Cape Cod is surrounded by water and therefore has many beaches and harbors. Coastal erosion is visibly evident and numbers up to three feet a year according to the National Park Service and has affected the many dunes and beaches that surround Cape Cod. The Cape has many Kettle ponds, formed more than 15,000 years by melted blocks of glacier ice, and there are 365 freshwater ponds on Cape Cod alone according to the National Park Service. Salt marshes are a defining feature of the Cape, are important for wildlife near the coast and can be found near beaches. The Cape Cod National Seashore protects many parts of the Cape with 44,600 acres within its domain.

Some historic events originated on Cape Cod, such as the first transatlantic signal sent from the US to Great Britain, by Guglielmo Marconi, the Italian inventor. The signal was sent in 1903 from Wellfleet, as noted by the ChathamMarconiMaritimeCenter. Many famous writers, artists, musicians, entertainers and people from all walks of life have lived on Cape Cod, some as temporary visitors and others as permanent residents. Cape Cod has many historic buildings and nationally known residences like the Kennedy Compound, which was built in Hyannis Port by the Kennedy family. The Edward M. Kennedy Institute describes the Kennedy Compound as having been the residence of JFK in the summers during his presidency, as well as having been used by other members of the Kennedy family into the 21st century.

Cape Cod Weather

Cape Cod Weather is known to be changeable at times and can vary in different towns and regions, though in comparison to locations on mainland Massachusetts it is 10 degrees warmer during the winter because of the surrounding water’s warmer temperatures, according to the Weather Channel. Because of the surrounding water’s cooler temperatures, Cape Cod has a delayed spring season, and the Weather Channel says the month of July is the warmest month, January the coldest and November the wettest. Cape Cod has been subject to thunderstorms, blizzards and hurricanes over the years, including Hurricane Bob in 1991 and the blizzard of 2013.

Cape Cod Tourism

Cape Cod is a prime vacation destination for tourists, visitors and 2nd homeowners because of its beaches, rich history, quaint towns, casual lifestyle and warm weather during the summer. And popular water related activities like swimming, boating, sailing and fishing and fresh, local fish and seafood like clams, oysters, scallops and lobster. Because of their limited harvesting and distinct appeal, Wellfleet oysters are much sought-after, and cranberries are grown and harvested in the many cranberry bogs across the Cape.

Cape Cod restaurants vary from out door to indoor waterfront and casual to formal dining, offering visitors and locals many different cuisines to choose from.  Maritime history can be felt with many of the restaurants and taverns featuring specific themes, such as ships and sailing. HistoricCape Cod is not just lighthouses or boats, as some restaurants boast lengthy histories with fascinating stories.

Cape Cod’s taverns, pubs, restaurants and night clubs are places to get together to enjoy a drink and enjoy the Cape’s night life.  There also are lots of ice cream shops throughout the Cape, many of which also feature family friendly miniature golf courses and gifts shops.

Cape Cod Activities and Events

In addition to going to the beach or being out on a boat, golf is one of Cape Cod’s most popular activities.  Known as a golfing destination in the travel industry, Cape Cod has many scenic golf courses, with the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce listing 27 public courses and 15 private members only clubs.  Find a list of all the Cape Cod Golf Courses with us.

Many notable events occur annually, including the Wellfleet Oysterfest, the Bourne Scallop Festival, the Falmouth Road Race, the Cape Cod Brew Fest and First Night Chatham. Various holiday events, like, Christmas strolls, 4th of July Fireworks, Halloween events and holiday parades are featured in many off the towns.

We hope we’ve answered the question, where is Cape Cod, with not only the answer, but things to do while you are visiting!

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