7 Things To Do on Cape Before Labor Day

So here it is, the summer is in the waning weeks, Labor Day is just around the corner and here you are wondering where the time went. You didn’t do any of the summer on Cape Cod things that you had planned to do, and now you have a whole summer’s worth of fun to cram in to about a week, give or take. We’re here to help.

See a Lighthouse

Whether you’re heading out on your own, entertaining that special somebody, or trying to get your family outside, Lighthouses are always a safe bet for a fun day. For starters, they are just about everywhere so they are convenient. Second, they are cheap fun: costs nothing to look and one, usually costs nothing to get into one, those are prices that are hard to beat.

Next, scenic: of course they’re scenic, as a matter of practicality all lighthouses are built with impressive views of the sea. It’s a great way to take in the beauty of the Cape before you either return to your real home off-Cape or hunker down for the winter.


Play Some Mini-Golf

Remember how sad you are when the snow is flying and you drive by shuttered mini-golf course? Don’t miss your final opportunities to take in this, the unofficial past-time of Cape Cod, and hit one of the region’s fine courses.

Visit a Museum

Not all of the days between now and Labor Day will be beautiful, that’s a given, so it’s best to form some contingency plans and visiting a local museum is a great one. From the Museums on the Green in Falmouth, to The Whydah Pirate Museum, The Cape Cod Canal Visitors Museum, the Sandwich Glass Museum, Heritage Museums and Gardens, and many, many others. The facilities are primarily seasonal and a great way to spend a non-beach day that is fun, informative, and affordable.

For what it’s worth, here is a list of some of our favorite local museums.

Go to the Drive-In

Enjoy first run double features every night in the summer at the only Drive-In Theatre on Cape Cod. Built in 1957, the Wellfleet Drive-In hosts a 100′ x 44′ screen,  FM stereo sound system equipped with Dolby Digital sound, and Barco Digital Projection, for a first rate movie-going experience. There’s a playground and snack bar, or you’re free to bring your own picnic. Laying out on the hood of your car with friends and family watching the Avengers make the world safe again is a quintessential summer experience. But get on it, the drive-in closes in mid-September.

Beach Day

Obvious, perhaps, but a staple of pre-Labor Day life on Cape Cod nonetheless. Any beach will do, and there are numerous options of your convenience. However, if you’ve been to the beach a bunch this summer, I encourage you to step up your game. Go to a better beach or do a cooler beach thing. For example, drive out on to Sandy Neck, hike the National Seashore, go wander Wellfleet Bay, have a campfire on one of the Truro beaches (it’s ok, they allow it). It’s not all about sunning yourself, have an adventure.

Need a recommendation; here are some of our favorite beaches.

Eat an Ice Cream

I’m trying to keep this list manageable and realistic for you and I assure you that there is always time for an ice cream. Head to one of the local joints, get a cone (the only way to eat ice cream, in my opinion) and either sit outside or use the mobility of your snack as an opportunity to wander the area. Many of the Cape’s best homemade ice cream purveyors are located in community downtowns allowing for easy exploration or just the opportunity to sit outside and chat.

Hey, want to know where to get that ice cream? We’re her to help, click here.

Enjoy a Whale Watch


Whale watching on Cape Cod is the best way to experience the area’s unique natural landscape, species diversity and nautical history – all in one salt-tinged outing! While whales can be spotted off the Cape’s coast year-round, who wants to do that sort of thing in November? Carpe diem. 

By CapeCod.com Staff

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