Staying Healthy While You’re at Home

No one likes being cooped up for too long. It’s just not in our nature. So, while we are stuck at home for the duration, it’s important to keep a positive attitude – much of which can be encouraged by keeping healthy, both physically and mentally.

It’s easy to get lazy since the gyms are closed, and outdoor options seem to become more restricted and limited. The temptation of sleeping too much or eating (and overeating) unhealthy foods might become a reality if we don’t keep our health in check. Social distancing, while it will help the spread of the coronavirus, forces us to avoid other people. Increased anxiety just adds to the mix.

But it doesn’t have to be all bad. Staying healthy is the key to staying positive. Here are a few ways to keep in shape, both mentally and physically, while at home:

Make Good Nutritional Choices

Even though having some canned and frozen goods in the house is always a good idea, they don’t have to be unhealthy. Look for items that have low salt and low saturated fat. Make sure they don’t have any added sugars. Also, keep a good supply of fresh produce. Many fresh fruits and vegetables can be chopped up and frozen, and will last a good amount of time. Having lean protein every day is also important to good health. Fish, chicken and beef can all be frozen in single-meal sizes for convenience.

Stress eating can be a real concern under the current circumstances. In these moments, call a friend, read a book, or do something else to occupy your hands, and your mind. Try to stay away from the refrigerator unless you’re truly hungry. Resist the urge to binge out of boredom.

Get Moving

Exercise is absolutely crucial for a healthy body and mind. Walking, running, bike riding and hiking are all great ways to stay active (as long as you make sure you’re practicing social distancing, of course). Getting out there and breathing in that fresh spring air can work wonders for the psyche. If you’re not an outdoorsy kind of person, there are loads of free exercise videos and virtual classes online to choose from. Everything from yoga to Zumba, and from easy stretching to total body-sculpting challenges are all out there, waiting for you.

If you prefer something even more low-key, science has shown that things you do every day, such as cleaning, gardening, carrying in groceries and vacuuming, all have an impact on your physical and mental health. Basically, anything that releases endorphins is a good thing. And don’t forget to hydrate!

Occupy Your Mind

Turn the TV and the cell phone off. Put down the iPad and put away the laptop.  While all of those things help us keep in touch during a time where we can’t do so in person, they’re also some of the primary reasons we’re so stressed. Give them, and yourself, a break… just for a little while.

Find other ways to occupy your mind. Reading is always a great way to do this. Not a reader? How about putting together a puzzle, or playing a board game, or listening to music, or writing a letter? Draw something. Paint something. Create something new in the kitchen or on the canvas.

With all of the technology available to us now, we’ve practically forgotten how to entertain ourselves without something electronic in our hands or in front of our faces. Power off and open your eyes to something new.

Reach Out

Checking on a neighbor or a friend or a family member is an excellent way to keep in touch. They’ll definitely appreciate it. But don’t forget to reach out for yourself.

This global pandemic is something most of us never expected to experience in our lifetime. The stress and sadness and worry can easily become overwhelming. If you need to talk to someone, don’t wait. If your feelings are becoming too much to handle, reach out to someone – a friend, a family member, your doctor, your local help line … anyone.

We’ve never had a crisis like this, so we’re all in the same boat. While looking out for others, don’t forget to look out for yourself, as well.

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Ann Luongo has been writing for Cape Cod and South Shore publications for over 15 years.
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