Waggin’ Wednesday: Would You Consider a MOUSE?

Grumpy, a fancy mouse, was surrendered with his siblings because they had too many pets. Grumpy is so fancy that he has even been neutered! His favorite activity is running on his wheel, which he could do all day. Owning and caring for mice can be very rewarding! Typically, mice can live for about three years. Although this may appear a short time in comparison to other pet animals, owning mice is still a big responsibility and commitment. These small rodents love to hang out with their owners and watch TV, have a snack or simply take a nap. They recognize their owners by sight, smell and sound and definitely get excited to see them. There is a reason these rodents have been used in psychological testing for decades. They are amazingly intelligent and can be trained to do almost anything, including to solve puzzles, run in mazes and perform tricks. So, if you want a smart pet who loves to be challenged to learn new things, a mouse like Grumpy might be your perfect pet.

Contrary to popular belief, mice are fastidiously clean. In fact, they don’t like it when their bedding becomes wet or soiled and they can be trained to use a litter box like a cat or a rabbit. They groom themselves and their cage-mates constantly to prevent from getting dirty, and will even try to groom their owners when they are comfortable with them. They like to stockpile their food neatly, too. The expression, “You dirty rat!” really is a misnomer, as these animals are truly tidy little creatures. If you’re looking for an adorable, affectionate pet that will interact with you but takes up little space and doesn’t need to be walked or groomed, consider the underrated pet mouse!

Visit GRUMPY at the MSPCA in Centerville!

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