Waggin’ Wednesday: Evie Is Looking For A Little Less Hustle and Bustle

Evie is looking for a quiet, low traffic home to call her own. She is not comfortable with the hustle and bustle of a busy household so a home without … [Read more...]

Waggin’ Wednesday: The Color of Honey and A Personality as Sweet!

  How would you like to meet Raymond?  This gentle older cat has had some ups and downs recently. His family was evicted from their … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Pranksters Poodles

Have you ever thrown something up into the air, with no idea where it will land or what the outcome might be? About 6 months ago I wrote about my … [Read more...]

Waggin’ Wednesday: Meet Miss Lucy!

  Are you a fan of cartoons? Like Peanuts? Miss Lucy Van Pelt --- A black and white short haired cat now calling the MSPCA shelter in … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: That Girl, The Weather Girl

It's been a frustrating series of winter storms here on the Cape! It's also frustrating when you can't get an accurate LOCAL forecast for Cape Cod. … [Read more...]

Waggin’ Wednesday: Meet This Shy Tiger!

  Would you like to have a real TIGER (cat)? Mitch is a shy but very loving five year old male gray tiger cat in the prime of his life! He … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Centerville Elementary School 1980

Dear Facebook: Make Me Laugh! Sometimes I get in a funk and I lose track of the things that make me smile.  I spend so much time making other … [Read more...]

CCB-Media Celebrates Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Day 2018

When was the last time you read from a book? Not a Nook, but a book! Perhaps a book that you took from the library and tucked in your arm’s crook with … [Read more...]

Waggin’ Wednesday: Would You Consider a MOUSE?

Grumpy, a fancy mouse, was surrendered with his siblings because they had too many pets. Grumpy is so fancy that he has even been neutered!  His … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Are You Handing In Your “Man-Card” If You Hand In A Gun?

My cousin, Ben Wilson, is a proud United States military veteran. He is a loving father and a great man whom I am proud to call family. He made the … [Read more...]

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