Are You And Your Child Ready For Summer Mishaps?

HYANNIS - You’re heading out to the beach or park on a summer’s day and the car is packed with tote bags full of items such as food, drinks, beach … [Read more...]

For Healthy Memorial Day Barbecues: Ditch the Hotdogs

HYANNIS - Celebrating the summer season with an outdoor barbecue is an American tradition, but these picnics, while festive, can be loaded with … [Read more...]

Good News: Cancer Deaths Are Down

HYANNIS - While cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the United States, new numbers released by the American Cancer Society show that … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Unstick a Tick

HYANNIS - Forget about fire, ice, goo or any other old tales you’ve heard about removing a tick that’s bitten you. There’s a simple way to get the job … [Read more...]

What Now, After a Stroke?

HYANNIS - A stroke can be a devastating life event. Even a minor stroke can leave people with challenges that are physical, mental and … [Read more...]

Breathe Easier Knowing How to Care For Your Lungs

HYANNIS - Quitting smoking, wearing a respirator while working with pollutants, avoiding spray cleaners and exercising regularly may be inconvenient, … [Read more...]

“It Doesn’t Look Like I Had Anything Done”

HYANNIS - When Marilyn Cahill showed up for her routine mammogram at Falmouth Hospital, she got the news no woman wants to hear. Using the hospital’s … [Read more...]

As Summer Approaches, Know Your Sun Facts

HYANNIS - May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and a good time to review an important subject as summer approaches.  First let’s look at some of … [Read more...]

Thyroid Hormone Implicated in Hardening of Arteries

HYANNIS - A new Dutch   study   published   recently in the American Heart Association’s   journal  … [Read more...]

Is Your Smart Phone Use Leading To This?

HYANNIS - Have you taken a tumble lately? Is your back or neck aching? Do you find it difficult touching your toes after a long day working on your … [Read more...]

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