Don’t Let Your Holiday Cocktail Tip the Scale

HYANNIS - Eggnog. Wine. Mulled cider with rum. Winter warmers and holiday beers. Anyone for champagne? It’s fun to celebrate with friends and … [Read more...]

A Common and ‘Befuddling’ Disease

HYANNIS - If you have chronic, painful periods accompanied by other symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, you may have  … [Read more...]

A New Shingles Vaccine; Is It More Effective?

HYANNIS - On October 20, the Food and Drug Administration approved Shingrix, a new and better vaccine for shingles. Just a few days later, an … [Read more...]

Want to Avoid Brittle Bones When You’re Older?

HYANNIS - There are numerous benefits of exercise for children. Young people who exercise regularly are less apt to be overweight, which lowers … [Read more...]

Paying it Forward After a Kindness Shown Years Ago

HYANNIS - Marion Rouse of Harwich lives by the philosophy that empathy and caring are among the simple things she can provide to patients who come … [Read more...]

Quit Smoking to Cut Your Risk of a Dangerous Aneurysm

HYANNIS - Here’s one more reason to snuff the cigarette habit. Smoking leads to a higher risk of a dangerous abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) forming … [Read more...]

Sprain, Strain or Tear? What’s the Difference?

HYANNIS - Holiday is family time, which often means a game of touch football or even a tennis match, if the weather cooperates. But with it comes the … [Read more...]

‘Tis The Season For Overeating

HYANNIS - Ah, the holidays…the season of gift giving, parties and, if you’re not careful, weight gain. Most of us are still snacking on the leftover … [Read more...]

Don’t Take Sleep Issues Lightly

HYANNIS - In the basement of Falmouth Hospital sits a block of four rooms where patients sleep while technicians in an adjoining space oversee a host … [Read more...]

The Most Important Medical Advancement For Kids

HYANNIS - Pediatrician Kira Grant Edwards, DO, calls the vaccination of children “the single most important medical advancement that we have made … [Read more...]

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