Blood In The Urine Can Be Alarming

HYANNIS - It’s amazing how the comment from a healthcare provider, “You need further testing” can put us in a tailspin of fear. It may be because we … [Read more...]

Coming Back From a ‘Perfect Storm’ of Illnesses

HYANNIS - Ken Brynildsen, 74, of Sandwich is the picture of health these days, but it was not so long ago that he was seriously ill with three … [Read more...]

Not Your Father’s Senior Center

HYANNIS - While senior centers around Cape Cod are crucial links to services for many older residents, they offer much more. If you think that a … [Read more...]

Cancer Care By The Numbers

HYANNIS - Have you ever heard of a cancer registrar? By tracking data around cancer care at specific cancer centers, they are an integral part of … [Read more...]

New Help For Teens With Depression And Anxiety

HYANNIS - Pediatrician Kenneth Colmer, MD, has seen a big change in teens since he started practicing 28 years ago. “When I started, we didn’t see … [Read more...]

The Heart Attack That Strikes Young Women

HYANNIS - Very few people associate heart attacks with thin young women, but a rare form of heart attack occurs most often in exactly that population. … [Read more...]

Devising a Battle Plan For Fighting Cancer

HYANNIS - At 7 a.m. on Wednesday, the conference room at Cape Cod Hospital hardly looks the place for battling alien invaders. The early morning … [Read more...]

Don’t Wait Too Long to Call in Hospice

HYANNIS - Many people who would benefit from hospice care wait too long to request it, according to a recent study published in … [Read more...]

When Good Kids Eat Bad Things

HYANNIS - Rob Gronkowski has done a video to speak out against it. YouTube and Facebook took down videos of it. And the American Association of Poison … [Read more...]

An Aspirin a Day May Keep Colorectal Cancer Away

HYANNIS - Falmouth Hospital surgeon Peter Hopewood, MD, FACS, takes an 81 mg tablet of aspirin every day to help prevent colorectal cancer. While he … [Read more...]

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