Hello, My Name Is: Alice Cartier

Are you ready to meet another neighbor? This series allows you to get to know the folks living here on Cape Cod by asking them a few fun questions. If you are enjoying the series, please let us know! In the meantime, pour yourself a cup of coffee, or even a glass of wine, pull up a seat and let’s get to know an incredibly interesting and funny woman from Harwich!

Hello, My Name Is: Alice Cartier

Occupation: Home Health Aide

What was your first paying job?

I got my real first paying job when I was 13 years old. It was a house cleaning gig, and it was a tough one! I rode my bike about 3 miles to get there every other Saturday morning. I scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees, polished all of the silver, washed baseboards, took laundry off the line outside- basically whatever was asked of me. All for a whopping $5.00 an hour!  Well, it gave me enough money for a couple packs of cigarettes, soda and a king size snickers to feed my amazingly healthy habits.  Thank God things are a lot different today!

When was the last time you laughed really hard? 

It’s not a good day without a great laugh. My favorite thing to do (usually at work) is prank my “unsuspecting” friends.  I hide behind doors, under desks, anywhere I can tuck in and jump out at the right moment! The reactions are priceless and I usually get a “&*%$ ALICE FAYE!”

Just the other day, I went in on my day off at 6:45 am to prank a co-worker that has been off for 2 weeks.  That’s dedication! 

Did you grow up on the Cape? If not, where did you grow up and why did you come to the Cape?

I was born in Jackson, MS., but moved to the Cape when I was 3 1/2 years old. Technically, since I wasn’t born at CCH or Falmouth Hospital, am I still considered a wash ashore? My Mom was one of 11 children from the Brewster Gallant bunch.  When my parents divorced, she brought us (I have an amazing twin sister, Beebs… who is way older by 6 minutes) here to be around family and all of the beautiful beaches she stomped around on as a child.  My Uncles all served as surrogate Dads and I loved them so much.

Where is your ‘go-to’ spot for a scoop of ice cream?

My go to spot for “real” ice cream is definitely Sundae School in Harwich.  However, DQ is always top of my chocolate/vanilla twist with chocolate jimmies list… And of course JT’s in Brewster!

Do you have a favorite non-profit group here on the Cape? 

Lower Cape Outreach Council and The Family Pantry of Cape Cod get my votes for favorite non-profits.  You can find me at the Second Glance Thrift Shop in Harwich, too, as all of their proceeds go to The Family Pantry. I love that they help locals with different needs, whether financial, food, clothes, etc.  Let’s face it, we have all fallen on hard times, and if we can help our neighbors, a little kindness goes a long way.

What is something you love to do that surprises people the most?

I paint rocks- I know.. Haha! I started painting them years ago based on The Kindness Rocks project because I just loved the idea. I leave them everywhere, and sometimes mail cross country.  Since April 12, 2018, I have been painting thin blue line COP ROCKS, in honor of Sgt. Sean Gannon. I hand them out to police on details, at stations, anywhere I happen to see one. I have even been known to pull a Yarmouth police officer (off-duty of course) over!!  They are always surprised and so grateful to be recognized and supported for the job they do. #jtsrocks

I also spend a little time “supporting” the Easter Bunny at the Harwich Community Center (6th year) and Cotuit Library (3rd year).  The smiles on those little faces and those hugs are PRICELESS!

In a parallel universe, what would you be doing? 

I’d be Wonder Woman!   Or, an elementary school gym teacher!

What person had the greatest influence on you and why?

My Mom is my everything: my hero, my mentor, and who I’d really love to be when I grow up.  Being single, raising twins with no child support… EVER, she worked 2 and 3 jobs to keep us fed, clothed and a roof over our heads. She taught me compassion, the value of a dollar and how to really HUG.  I am sure she often went without things for herself, so we could have the best she could afford. And, she is NEVER in a bad mood, and at 85 years old… that’s impressive!

If I looked in your refrigerator right now, what would I see?

Almond milk, ham, cheese, wilted spinach….2 hard boiled eggs, real butter, seltzer water and some sticky grape jelly on the door.

If you could go out on a boat fishing for a day, who would you bring (this could be someone from the past or present day)?

It’s never a fishing trip without my cousin “Boo” and his adorable and hilarious wife Kimba. The girls do ALL of the fishing, while my husband, Jeff (AKA: the Captain), and Boo find the the fish for us to hook.  Of course I will always wish for another day anywhere, anytime, with my nephew JT. I miss that kid.  And let’s not forget Chris Hemsworth… Because who wouldn’t want to fish with Thor?

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