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  • Your Chance to Identify the Cape’s Greatest Health Needs November 16, 2018 - HYANNIS – Here’s your chance be part of determining what is needed to ensure a healthy future for Cape Cod. Every three years, Cape Cod Healthcare conducts research for a Community Health Needs Assessment Report and Implementation Plan (CHNA). It’s a chance for Cape Cod Healthcare to learn about the health and health needs of […]
  • How to Have the New ‘Talk’ With Your Teen November 14, 2018 - HYANNIS – Talking with your kids about sex is easy compared to the talk you need to have with them about vaping. Vaping? Yes, vaping or Juuling may be difficult to discuss because it’s a subject not many parents know about. And what you and your kids don’t know can hurt. “I believe we have […]
  • Mental Health in the Primary Care Office November 13, 2018 - HYANNIS – A new pilot program is giving primary care providers on Cape Cod a better way to help their patients with mental health issues. By calling a consultation line, providers can consult with a psychiatric expert and get immediate guidance on treatment options. “It is our hope that we can assist the primary care […]
  • It’s Holly Berry Bazaar Time! November 9, 2018 - HYANNIS – If you are just beginning your holiday shopping or looking to buy some unique gifts for family and friends, then the Holly Berry Bazaar is the place to shop on Saturday, Nov. 10, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Nauset Regional Middle School in Orleans. Proceeds from the fair, hosted by the […]
  • Five Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy November 8, 2018 - HYANNIS – Picture your kidneys as your body’s ultimate purification system. They filter all of your blood, every 30 minutes, eliminating waste and extra water, 24 hours- a-day, 365 days per year for your entire lifetime. When insults like diabetes and smoking can take their toll on these important organs, leading to problems. Chronic kidney […]
  • Keeping Babies Safe in Bed November 5, 2018 - HYANNIS – For years, crib bumper pads were not only considered a nursery fashion accessory, but also a safe way to prevent babies from bumping their heads or getting limbs trapped between the slats of the crib. These days, they are no longer considered safe, and researchers in a recent study published in theJournal of […]
  • You Might Want to Sit Down to Hear This – or Maybe Not November 2, 2018 - HYANNIS – If you’re reading this on your phone, maybe you’re standing. But if you’re reading this on a computer, the odds are high that you’re sitting down. And that’s not good. Studies in recent years have shown that sitting is bad for you health, with some health advocates saying that “sitting is the new […]
  • Making Sure 5,000 Boy Scouts Stayed Safe October 31, 2018 - HYANNIS – If you happened to drive by the Cape Cod Fairgrounds in East Falmouth over Columbus Day weekend, you would have seen hundreds of tents covering every inch of grass on the fairgrounds and surrounding fields. What may not have caught your eye was the field hospital and two first aid stations set in […]
  • Could You Avoid Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer? October 30, 2018 - HYANNIS – One of the most difficult conversations a woman can have with her surgeon and oncologist after learning she has breast cancer is whether or not she will need chemotherapy. The new Endopredict test is helping to change that discussion by accurately determining if a woman with early-stage breast cancer can safely avoid chemotherapy […]
  • Is It OK If Your Child Is In Love With a ‘Lovey’? October 26, 2018 - HYANNIS – The character Linus in the “Charlie Brown” comic strip famously took his blanket with him wherever he went. It sometimes made for funny moments, but there’s a serious reason why young children cling to a favorite stuffed animal or other object. “It gives them a sense of security,” said Kenneth Colmer, MD, of Bass […]
  • Keep Moving – Your Brain Will Thank You October 25, 2018 -   HYANNIS – Vitamins and supplements are often touted as the way to prevent memory loss. If you watch television, especially late at night, the sales pitches will have you convinced that your brain cells will be saved and improved with these products. While it’s tempting to try them, they are not necessarily the answer. […]
  • A New State Law Aims to Standardize Alzheimer’s Care October 24, 2018 - HYANNIS – On August 15, 2018, Governor Charlie Baker signed a new law designed to improve treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in Massachusetts. It’s the first law in the nation to do so, putting our state at the forefront of handling a growing epidemic that affects so many lives of both patients and caregivers. […]
  • 2 Sisters. 2 DNA Tests. 2 Ways to Beat Cancer October 23, 2018 - HYANNIS – When two sisters found out they shared the BRCA 2 genetic mutation for cancer, their first thoughts were for their young children. Then they courageously decided to have their breasts, ovaries and fallopian tubes removed at Cape Cod Hospital, where genetic testing for high-risk patients is helping women and men beat cancer before […]
  • For Children, Better Sleep Means Better Learning October 22, 2018 - HYANNIS – Let me tell you a quick bedtime story. It’s about a group of children, 74 of them, and they live in a land that’s far, far away. They are boys and girls. Some are just 7 years old and some are 11 and some are in between. Every night they tried to get […]
  • Is Your Blood Pressure Lower in One Arm? October 18, 2018 - HYANNIS – The next time you visit your primary care physician, you may want to ask the nurse to take your blood pressure in both arms. While small differences in blood pressure between the left and right arm are normal, large differences in your systolic number can signal trouble. A Massachusetts based study of 3,390 […]
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