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  • Go Ahead, Read That Next Chapter Before Bed February 19, 2020 - HYANNIS – Do you go to bed early enough to get seven or eight hours sleep, but wake up repeatedly during the night? If so, you may be doing more harm to your mood the next day than if you only got a few hours of sleep. That’s the conclusion of a study by the […]
  • A Hot – Or Cold – Option For Cancer Care February 13, 2020 - HYANNIS – A Florida man discovered the skills of pioneering interventional radiologist Damian Dupuy, MD, FACR, a little over a decade ago. The man was under hospice care for late stage lung cancer, and contacting Dr. Dupuy, who was practicing in Rhode Island at the time, was his last-ditch effort to improve and extend his […]
  • ‘Moderate Exercise’ Is Essential. But What Is It? February 13, 2020 - HYANNIS – Study after study shows that moderate exercise has multiple health benefits – but how much is “moderate”? A moderate amount is easy to quantify, according to Jinx O’Loughlin, a physical therapist with Cape Cod Healthcare’s outpatient rehab facility in Orleans and a certified exercise expert for the aging adult. “You should exercise about […]
  • Could Your Hot Flashes Put You at Risk for Heart Disease? February 12, 2020 - HYANNIS – Hot flashes may be more than just uncomfortable and embarrassing for women. They may put them at risk for heart disease. Researchers who followed more than 3,000 women for 20 years found that participants who experienced frequent hot flashes earlier in menopause were twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease events. In addition, […]
  • There’s No Quick Fix For This Winter Ailment February 11, 2020 - HYANNIS – If you have a cold that just won’t go away, it may not be the common cold. The culprit may be a sinus infection. “It’s very common this time of year,” said emergency medicine physician Kristen Liska, MD, who treats patients at Cape Cod Hospital’s emergency center and the Cape Cod Healthcare Urgent […]
  • 4 Ways ‘Dr. Google’ Can Work For You February 6, 2020 - HYANNIS – When you have a new pain, rash, or unexplained symptom, are you more likely to visit ‘Dr. Google’ or your own physician? Chances are, you will consult the internet before calling your doctor, even though your instincts may tell you that self-diagnosis isn’t very safe. “Dr. Google is not the authority; your doctor […]
  • A Young Generation’s Health is Failing February 4, 2020 - HYANNIS – Millennials may be in for some challenging health issues as they age, according to a new report. “They are among the least healthy generations,” said cardiologist Elissa Thompson, MD, of the Cape Cod Healthcare Cardiovascular Center in Hyannis. People born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s have been labelled the “millennials”; […]
  • Taking a Shot at HPV Prevention February 3, 2020 - HYANNIS – Young fans who attend the Falmouth High girls’ basketball game on Jan. 31 and the Mashpee High boys’ basketball game on Feb. 14 will have the opportunity to spin a prize wheel and participate in a halftime basketball free-throw contest. At the 3rd Annual “Take the Shot Night,” they will also, along with […]
  • Another Reason to Vaccinate Against Measles January 27, 2020 - HYANNIS – The measles virus, in and of itself, is serious. But new research shows it can have lasting effects on your child’s health, strengthening the case for vaccination. Scientists recently confirmed what had long been suspected: Measles infection weakens the immune system, an effect that can last years, according to an article in the […]
  • Are You Sleeping Like a Giraffe or a Koala? January 22, 2020 - HYANNIS – Giraffes get the least amount of sleep of any mammal: 1.9 hours a day, according to the Better Sleep Council. Koalas get the most sleep, at 22 hours a day. For humans, of course, the sweet spot is somewhere between the two extremes. We need at least seven hours of sleep each night […]
  • What To Do When You See An Ambulance? January 19, 2020 - HYANNIS – Let’s say you’re driving down Yarmouth Road toward Hyannis and an ambulance comes up behind you or towards you. What does state law say you are required to do? Oh, did we mention your answer could be a matter of life or death? Your choices: a) Immediately come to a full stop. b) […]
  • Cape Nurses Training For Superior Wound Care January 16, 2020 - HYANNIS – Preventing pressure wounds in hospital patients takes skilled physicians and nurses who know what to look for to treat them and how to eliminate the risk. Now, nurses at Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital are gaining new training around the issue – and earning new professional credentials at the same time. The […]
  • Exercise is OK For Most When You Have a Baby on the Way January 14, 2020 - HYANNIS – Beyoncé made headlines earlier this year when she cancelled her performance at the Coachella music festival in California. With twins on the way, she made the announcement after doctors advised her to skip the concert. That might be good advice for someone expecting twins whose job includes high-energy dancing, but for most moms, […]
  • A Unique Bonding Experience For Local Father and Son January 12, 2020 - HYANNIS – Some fathers and sons connect by tossing around a ball. Harley and Kory Hoyt have strengthened their connection by donating blood platelets together. “It’s an irregular bonding moment, but it’s nice because I’m the second oldest of nine and it gives us a chance to hang out,” said Kory, 26, of Dennis Port. […]
  • Are Steroids Right For Arthritis Pain? January 9, 2020 - HYANNIS – If you have been turning to steroid injections to relieve your painful osteoarthritis, new research shows it may be riskier than previously thought. A new study done by the Cochrane Muscular Skeletal Group and published in Radiology was done with 459 patients who were given one to three steroid injections for hip or […]
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