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  • Doing This Beforehand Can Help Your Recovery From Surgery May 20, 2019 - HYANNIS – Recovery from surgery can be difficult and painful – and that’s why many surgeons recommend getting a head-start on the healing process. “There are definitely benefits to prehabilitation or ‘prehab,’ and I’d like to see more patients do it,” said C. Jeffrey Siegert, MD, FACS, a general surgeon based at Cape Cod Surgeons […]
  • Does it Seem Like a Lot of People Are Sick? May 16, 2019 - HYANNIS – If it seems like you and everyone around you is sick with a cold, seasonal changes may be to blame. Fall is the peak season for colds, but spring isn’t far behind. Several factors contribute to that fact. “The studies show that it’s pretty consistent all year long, but there is definitely a […]
  • Would You Get The Same Treatment as Mick Jagger? May 16, 2019 - HYANNIS – In an early Rolling Stones hit, Mick Jagger boasted that he had a “heart of stone” – but even that heart eventually needed some repair. Jagger recently underwent a minimally invasive cardiac procedure called Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (or TAVR, for short), an alternative to open heart surgery. Lots of other people will […]
  • Are Hip Fracture Patients Treated Quickly Enough? May 15, 2019 - HYANNIS – Hip fractures are an all too common experience for elderly patients, affecting more than 300,000 seniors in this country each year. But, the outcome is often grim. One in five hip fracture patients die within a year of their injury, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And a return […]
  • Relief From Cancer Pain May 13, 2019 - HYANNIS – Living with cancer often means coping with pain. Neurosurgeons at Cape Cod Hospital can deliver rapid relief to cancer patients suffering from hard-to-treat chronic pain with a treatment called OsteoCool, which uses cutting-edge technology to treat tumors that arise in the spine and may produce severe back pain and other problems. “The name […]
  • Should You Care If Your Hospital’s Cardiac MRI Unit is Accredited? May 9, 2019 - HYANNIS – Less than three years after it opened, Cape Cod Hospital’s state-of-the-art cardiac MRI lab has been recognized by a national radiology organization. The accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR) means security for patients, said Dr. Tendoh Timoh, MD FACC, a Cape Cod Healthcare cardiac imaging specialist. “It’s always good to have […]
  • Is Raising Backyard Chickens Safe For Your Family? May 8, 2019 - HYANNIS – More and more people are raising chickens and other poultry in their backyards and, with a little effort, this hobby can be healthy and safe for your family. The danger comes from the spread of salmonella found in the bird droppings, which can be passed along to people, if eggs are not handled […]
  • Cancer Rates Have Fallen, But the News is Not All Good May 7, 2019 - HYANNIS – The news out of the American Cancer Society recently was mostly encouraging. Cancer rates have been falling steadily for the past 25 years, according to the 2019 annual report of cancer statistics in the United States, which the organization released in January. “It’s very reassuring that all of these trends just seem to […]
  • Learn About The Healing Power of Nature May 6, 2019 - HYANNIS – The evidence is overwhelming that being outdoors is good for us. More than 485 published studies show a connection between time in nature and improved health, according to an article in the May issue of Outside magazine. On May 9, the Cape Cod community can learn more about this association. “The Healing Power of […]
  • Don’t Eat Breakfast on the Fly May 2, 2019 - HYANNIS – What meal is the biggest pain for solo chefs? Breakfast gets my vote, especially on busy mornings. Cookbooks are full of luxurious ideas: Overnight French toast casseroles, grits soaking up country ham and eggs, fluffy buttermilk pancakes swimming in real maple syrup. Sure, like that’s going to happen on a work day. So, […]
  • Are You Drinking Germs and Mold? April 29, 2019 - HYANNIS – Making the switch to a reusable water bottle might make you feel great in an environmentally conscious kind of way but, if you’re not careful, it can also make you sick. Here are some facts that will likely scare you straight into cleaning your container. Studies have shown that water bottles that go […]
  • Tiger Woods’ Comeback Inspires Injured Amateurs April 26, 2019 - HYANNIS – Tiger Woods’ dramatic victory at the Masters golf tournament on April 14 was an impressive comeback after four back surgeries. For other golfers, it’s a reminder that golf can be hard on the back – but there are ways to prevent and treat spine injuries. Professionals don’t put much strain on their backs, […]
  • Medical Marijuana – Hope or Hype? April 24, 2019 - HYANNIS – Medical marijuana has been legal in Massachusetts since 2012 and is now legal in 33 states. The numbers have grown in the past year. Additionally, 10 states have legalized recreational marijuana, including Massachusetts. Voters are making their preferences on the topic known, but what are the medical implications of these decisions? We asked […]
  • Can Your Toothbrush Help Your Heart Health? April 23, 2019 - HYANNIS – How closely tied are your dental and heart health? Maybe closer than you think. In a report published recently, the American Heart Association says that if you don’t practice good dental hygiene, you may have a higher risk of cardiac disease. Researchers questioned 682 people about their tooth brushing behavior. After adjusting for […]
  • Green Up and Keep Your Brain Younger April 22, 2019 - HYANNIS – Spinach won’t make your muscles bulge like Popeye’s biceps, but it is one of the leafy green vegetables that were linked to brain health in a multi-year study. Eating a daily serving of green, leafy vegetables was associated with a greatly reduced rate of brain aging, according to the study, which was published […]
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