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  • Would You Know If You Had a Heart Attack? December 16, 2023 - HYANNIS – Most people know the classic symptoms of a heart attack, such as chest pain, a pain in one arm and severe shortness of breath, but it is also possible to have a heart attack and not even know it. According to the American Heart Association, nearly half of all people who have heart […]
  • The 10 Most Common Medication Errors People Make November 20, 2023 - HYANNIS – Americans make more than 500,000 medication mistakes a year, according to  a report   in Consumer Reports magazine. The report goes on to say that at least 90,000 life-threatening or fatal events occur as a result of medical errors patients make at home. We asked James Mangan, director of Hospital and Ambulatory Pharmacy for Cape […]
  • Five Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy November 20, 2023 - HYANNIS – Picture your kidneys as your body’s ultimate purification system. They filter all of your blood, every 30 minutes, eliminating waste and extra water, 24 hours- a-day, 365 days per year for your entire lifetime. When insults like diabetes and smoking can take their toll on these important organs, leading to problems. Chronic kidney […]
  • Is This Making Your Chronic Condition Worse? November 20, 2023 - HYANNIS – If you have high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes, not getting enough sleep at night has more serious consequences than just feeling drowsy the next day. A new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association shows that getting less than six hours of sleep a night can also cause […]
  • Can Your Toothbrush Help Your Heart Health? November 20, 2023 - HYANNIS – How closely tied are your dental and heart health? Maybe closer than you think. In a report published recently, the American Heart Association says that if you don’t practice good dental hygiene, you may have a higher risk of cardiac disease. Researchers questioned 682 people about their tooth brushing behavior. After adjusting for […]
  • There’s An Easy Fix For Positional Vertigo December 22, 2020 - HYANNIS – You get out of bed and, for a short while, it feels as if the whole room is spinning – day after day. That’s what life can be like for people with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, usually referred to as positional vertigo. “For some people, they’re fine the rest of the day as […]
  • Go Ahead, Read That Next Chapter Before Bed December 21, 2020 - HYANNIS – Do you go to bed early enough to get seven or eight hours sleep, but wake up repeatedly during the night? If so, you may be doing more harm to your mood the next day than if you only got a few hours of sleep. That’s the conclusion of a study by the […]
  • Mastering The Art of Falling Safely November 27, 2020 - HYANNIS – Many of us have experienced a time in our lives when a fall sends us flying through the air or just stumbling a bit. If we’re lucky, we survive with only some bumps or bruises. Some falls can mean time out of work, inability to get around and possible hospitalization and physical therapy. […]
  • Do You Really Need a Formal Exercise Program? November 26, 2020 - HYANNIS – Would you brush your teeth if it took an hour, or even 20 minutes a day? Even though we know that skipping it would result in dental decay, bad breath and stained teeth, most of us would probably be lax about doing it regularly. That concept goes a long way toward explaining many […]
  • Suffer From Migraines? You’re Not Alone November 25, 2020 - HYANNIS – If you suffer from migraine headaches, you are not alone. Approximately 26 million people in the United States have migraines, according to Karen Lynch, MD, a neurologist at Cape Cod Hospital. “They are so common and so widespread that one in four households will have an adult who has migraines,” she said. And […]
  • Could Your Hot Flashes Put You at Risk for Heart Disease? November 10, 2020 - HYANNIS – Hot flashes may be more than just uncomfortable and embarrassing for women. They may put them at risk for heart disease. Researchers who followed more than 3,000 women for 20 years found that participants who experienced frequent hot flashes earlier in menopause were twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease events. In addition, […]
  • Are Steroids Right For Arthritis Pain? November 9, 2020 - HYANNIS – If you have been turning to steroid injections to relieve your painful osteoarthritis, new research shows it may be riskier than previously thought. A new study done by the Cochrane Muscular Skeletal Group and published in Radiology was done with 459 patients who were given one to three steroid injections for hip or […]
  • ‘Moderate Exercise’ Is Essential. But What Is It? November 5, 2020 - HYANNIS – Study after study shows that moderate exercise has multiple health benefits – but how much is “moderate”? A moderate amount is easy to quantify, according to Jinx O’Loughlin, a physical therapist with Cape Cod Healthcare’s outpatient rehab facility in Orleans and a certified exercise expert for the aging adult. “You should exercise about […]
  • There’s No Quick Fix For This Winter Ailment October 29, 2020 - HYANNIS – If you have a cold that just won’t go away, it may not be the common cold. The culprit may be a sinus infection. “It’s very common this time of year,” said emergency medicine physician Kristen Liska, MD, who treats patients at Cape Cod Hospital’s emergency center and the Cape Cod Healthcare Urgent […]
  • Treating the Unseen Effects of Breast Cancer October 7, 2020 - HYANNIS – Losing a breast to cancer can lead to a myriad of emotions for a woman, according to Hyannis breast surgeon Kathryn H Dalton, DO, FACS. “Our breasts are a symbol of womanhood…of motherhood, and our ability to nurture another human being,” she said. For that reason, she tries to dissuade patients from having […]
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