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  • Cape Nurses Training For Superior Wound Care January 16, 2020 - HYANNIS – Preventing pressure wounds in hospital patients takes skilled physicians and nurses who know what to look for to treat them and how to eliminate the risk. Now, nurses at Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital are gaining new training around the issue – and earning new professional credentials at the same time. The […]
  • Exercise is OK For Most When You Have a Baby on the Way January 14, 2020 - HYANNIS – Beyoncé made headlines earlier this year when she cancelled her performance at the Coachella music festival in California. With twins on the way, she made the announcement after doctors advised her to skip the concert. That might be good advice for someone expecting twins whose job includes high-energy dancing, but for most moms, […]
  • A Unique Bonding Experience For Local Father and Son January 12, 2020 - HYANNIS – Some fathers and sons connect by tossing around a ball. Harley and Kory Hoyt have strengthened their connection by donating blood platelets together. “It’s an irregular bonding moment, but it’s nice because I’m the second oldest of nine and it gives us a chance to hang out,” said Kory, 26, of Dennis Port. […]
  • Are Steroids Right For Arthritis Pain? January 9, 2020 - HYANNIS – If you have been turning to steroid injections to relieve your painful osteoarthritis, new research shows it may be riskier than previously thought. A new study done by the Cochrane Muscular Skeletal Group and published in Radiology was done with 459 patients who were given one to three steroid injections for hip or […]
  • Someone You Live With Have the Flu? Here’s How to Stay Healthy January 8, 2020 - HYANNIS – It’s one thing to stay home from work when you have the flu, so that you don’t infect your co-workers. But what about your family members or house mates? How can they avoid the nasty germs? There are two main paths to contagion, according to Mary Slater, RN, interim director of infectious disease […]
  • New Research Shows Mindfulness Can Benefit Students January 7, 2020 - HYANNIS – For the first time ever, research using functional MRI scans has shown that mindfulness in the school classroom—the practice of focusing one’s awareness on the present moment—leads to better grades and mental health in students, less stress and anxiety, and fewer absences and suspensions. Two Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) studies that led […]
  • Giving Blood is Lifelong Possibility January 5, 2020 - HYANNIS – Can you donate blood no matter how old you are? This is the question most often asked when Jonathan DeCoste, senior blood donor recruiter with Cape Cod Healthcare, is attracting donors at blood drives and other community events. “We want folks to know that there is no upper age limit to donate,” he […]
  • Nurses and Paramedics – A Team Approach to Saving Lives January 3, 2020 - This is part of a continuing series of stories, exploring the world of paramedics and EMTs across Cape Cod, and their incalculable contribution to the region’s healthcare system. There are nearly 1,000 of these professionals who also serve as firefighters in all 15 towns. Paramedics undergo up to two years of classroom training and 400 […]
  • Eating For Two Does Not Eating Twice As Much January 1, 2020 - HYANNIS – Traditional advice for pregnant women was to get as much rest as possible and eat for two to ensure proper growth of the baby. Pregnancy was considered a time of confinement rather than keeping up with your regular pace of your life. Now those misguided notions are considered to be contributing to the […]
  • Mastering The Art of Falling Safely December 31, 2019 - HYANNIS – Many of us have experienced a time in our lives when a fall sends us flying through the air or just stumbling a bit. If we’re lucky, we survive with only some bumps or bruises. Some falls can mean time out of work, inability to get around and possible hospitalization and physical therapy. […]
  • 4 Really Selfish Reasons You Should Donate Blood December 30, 2019 - HYANNIS – It started when a bloodmobile came to Barnstable High School. I donated that day and 100+ times since, meaning I’ve donated many gallons, one pint at a time. I’ve always given because I thought that it was an easy, nearly painless way to perform an act of community service. But after the last […]
  • Star Wars Film Carries Health Warning December 29, 2019 - HYANNIS – The Walt Disney Company and the Epilepsy Foundation have issued a warning that certain scenes in the newest Star Wars film may cause seizures in moviegoers affected by photosensitive epilepsy. Out of an abundance of caution, the warning advised that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which premiered December 20, “contains several sequences […]
  • Beware of This Holiday Drinking Danger December 24, 2019 - HYANNIS – Eat, drink and be merry this holiday season, but go easy on the alcohol – for your heart’s sake. Young and middle-aged adults often show up in the emergency room this time of year complaining of not feeling well, dizziness, shortness of breath, palpitations or chest pain. The culprit can be a rapid […]
  • Toy Story II: Bringing Christmas Cheer to Kids December 23, 2019 - HYANNIS – The image of motorcycles filling the roads this holiday season, dozens of them roaring and rumbling with riders, might appear at first glance unnerving. However, fear not if you come upon a pack of easy riders on the Sunday before Christmas. They will be bearing gifts and bringing good tidings of great joy. […]
  • Jimmy Carter’s Hospitalization Shines Light on Common Ailment December 22, 2019 - HYANNIS – When former President Jimmy Carter was recently admitted to the hospital for treatment of a urinary tract infection, he was receiving treatment for a condition that is quite common in older Americans. “We see urinary tract infections every day,” said geriatric specialist Arash Tadbiri, MD, at Bourne Primary Care. “It is the most […]
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