Have You Seen a Bald Eagle Nest on Cape Cod?

Baby Bald Eagle

Each year Bald Eagles nest in February with the fledglings beginning to leave the nest around June. Although Bald Eagles are sometimes spotted on Cape Cod, there has been no documented nest sightings in quite a while. “Before the eagle restoration project of the 1980s, the last eagle nest was foundirector and head of the Natural Heritagd on Cape Cod in 1905,” says Thomas W French, Mass Wildlife assistant director and head of the Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program.

However, lately there’s been speculation that one amorous couple are calling the Cape home according to French. “We think an eagle pair has been nesting on Cape Cod for the past two or three years, but we’ve yet to document a confirmed nesting site.”

Bald Eagle Nest

Andrew Fitz, an ornithologist with Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, confirmed the bald eagle sightings on the Cape. “over the last few years we have had an increasing number of reports of Bald Eagles in Brewster and Mashpee. However, we have not yet been able to locate a nest. Eagles have been observed in the last few weeks so maybe this is the year a nesting pair will be documented.”

Please report any sign of bald eagle nests to Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

By Rebecca Romo, Lifestyle Reporter CapeCod.com

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