The Two Biggest Reasons People Turn to CBD – Pain and Anxiety Relief

When it comes down to the reasons why someone might look into purchasing CBD products, it seems the top two motives are to help relieve pain and control anxiety. But, with so many options to choose from, in so many forms, it might be hard to decide which product is best for you.

The first step is to talk to an expert. At Instant Karma, all of their CBD products are made from USA-grown and lab-tested hemp, which offers a number of good health-related benefits. Their mission is to provide an alternative, natural way of healing without using industrialized pharmaceuticals.

“When comparison shopping for CBD for any ailment, you want to get the highest amount of CBD for the best price,” according to Bob Schriber, co-owner of Instant Karma, in Hyannis. “The strength of CBD is measured in milligrams (mg) and the strength on the package is the amount of CBD in the whole package. That means that the bigger the package, the higher the milligrams of CBD on the package will be without actually increasing the strength of the product.”

To correctly compare two CBD products, he said, you must first do some math and make the packages equal. For example, if a 1-ounce bottle has 100mg and a 2-ounce bottle has 100mg, you would double the size and strength of the 1-ounce bottle which would make it 2 ounces and 200mg which would mean that the 1-ounce bottle is stronger.

“All CBD products help with both pain and anxiety except the topical pain creams and lotions which do not reduce anxiety but only reduce pain. The tincture, commonly known as CBD oil that you put under your tongue with the dropper, is the best method to reduce both pain and anxiety because it works quicker and lasts longer than any other method. Capsules, soft gels and other edibles are also effective, although they take longer to work, as they must be digested.”

So, how will you know how much is right for you? Most people start with the low (500mg) or medium (1000mg) strength, according to Schriber. It’s always better to start low and work your up until you find the relief that you looking for. If you find that you are taking a lot to find that relief, it makes sense to move to the next higher strength which is less expensive in the long run. Everyone is different and the more you take or the stronger the dose, the longer it will last. Typically, a dose will last around three to four hours.

“When it comes to dosing CBD, everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different, so you will need to do your own experiment to see how much it takes to give you relief,” Schriber said. “The only side effect is sleepiness, so experimenting should be done in the evening in case you take a little too much. Once you find out how much gives you relief and how much makes you sleepy, you can take it all day long, as needed, as long as you don’t take enough to make you sleepy. I like to compare the feeling of ingesting CBD to a muscle relaxer. It is a calming, relaxing feeling, which melts away pain and anxiety, among many other ailments.”

Although the cost for genuine CBD-containing products is still generally high, this may change in the near future, as more entrepreneurs are throwing their hats into the ring. But that won’t be the only reason. In December of 2018, Congress agreed to the final version of the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp from the controlled substance act making it a normal crop like corn or soybeans. This will enable more farmers to plant hemp and enter this lucrative industry thereby lowering the prices of hemp-based products as soon as the increased harvests begin over the next year. For now, read the packaging carefully to make sure there is actually real CBD in the product.

“CBD comes from hemp extract oil. If a product says it contains hemp extract, it should also say how many milligrams of CBD are in the package,” said Schriber. “If there is no strength listed, there is probably no CBD in the product. There are also products on the market that are made from hemp seed oil. This is not CBD. Hemp seed oil is much like any other seed oil or vegetable oil, and is used mostly in cosmetics and food products. Again, if the strength of the CBD is not listed in milligrams, it’s probably not CBD.”

There is only one drug interaction that is known for CBD, Schriber added. “Some statin blood pressure medicines have instructions that say, ‘Do not take with grapefruit juice.’ Those medications should also not be taken when using CBD, because CBD will act like grapefruit juice and make that medicine not work as it should. If this is the case, consult with your doctor.”

To find more answers about CBD products, call or visit Instant Karma in Hyannis. They offer a broad array of hemp CBD products geared to address illnesses and injuries, and they carry products for pets, too. Their pet formulas can help dogs and cats who suffer from anxiety and pain. Most importantly, their team will guide you through your options to make sure that you are comfortable with your treatment plan. Visit

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