Sunday Journal – 2011 Topics

  • Sunday Journal 12/18/11: Seasonal Affective Disorder
    • Child Psychiatrist Dr. Bart Main of Cape Cod Healthcare talks about Seasonal Affective Disorder and its treatment.
  • Sunday Journal 12/18/11: Occupy Cape Cod
    • Occupy Cape Cod organizers, Lee Roscoe and Paul Rifkin, talk about the evolution of and what is next for the movement.
  • Sunday Journal 12/18/11: Casino
    • Gaming expert Clyde Barrow talks about the latest developments in the race for a casino in the Baystate.
  • Sunday Journal 12/11/11: Cape Abilities
    • Tom Latanzi, chairman of the board of directors for Cape Abilities, talks about his nearly 40-years of volunteer work; and Sarah Cusick, director of community relations, talks about a new partnership Cape Abilities has formed.
  • Sunday Journal 12/11/11: Holiday depression
    • Charlene Poliquin, a bereavement field coordinator from Beacon Hospice in Yarmouthport, talks about holiday depression.
  • Sunday Journal 12/11/11: NOAH Telethon
    • Connie Raleigh and Rick Brigham from the Housing Assistance Corporation talk about the 8th annual NOAH Telethon which raises funds for the NOAH Shelter.
  • Sunday Journal 12/04/11: Faith Community Nursing
    • Sara Fry, a registered nurse who practices faith community nursing though the Church of the Holy Spirit in Orleans, talks about her work on Cape Cod and the program that serves patients around the world.
  • Sunday Journal 12/04/11: CCCC Adult Learning
    • Cape Cod Community College spokesman Michael Gross and Adult Learner Counselor Jacquie Scarbrough talk about how they are providing training for in demand jobs on the Cape.
  • Sunday Journal 12/04/11: Good Tidings Holiday Giving
    • Amy Levine and Rich Brothers from the Cape and Islands United Way talk about the Good Tidings Holiday Giving Campaign that will help those in need.
  • Sunday Journal 11/27/11: Orleans Water Alliance
    • Representatives from the Orleans Water Alliance talks about alternatives to costly sewering.
  • Sunday Journal 11/27/11: Veterans Action Committee
    • The Executive Director of the Cape and Islands Veterans Action Committee talks about the new organization and how they are helping local Veterans.
  • Sunday Journal 11/27/11: Carol McCleary
    • Cape Cod Author Carol McCleary talks about her latest novel The Illusion of Murder.
  • Sunday Journal 11/20/11: NOAH Telethon
    • Connie Raleigh and Rick Brigham from the Housing Assistance Corporation talk about the 8th annual NOAH Telethon which raises funds for the NOAH Shelter.
  • Sunday Journal 11/13/11: Heroes in Transition
    • Ken and Cindy Jones talk about their mission to assist veterans returning home from active duty and their organization Heroes in Transition.
  • Sunday Journal 11/13/11: Cape Cod Baseball League
    • John Garner talks about the Cape Cod Baseball League’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony scheduled for November 19th.
  • Sunday Journal 11/13/11: Alzheimers
    • The Executive Director of Alzheimer’s Services of Cape Cod and the Islands talks about how the disease affects the brain and how caregivers can help.
  • Sunday Journal 11/06/11: Health Care costs
    • Cape Cod Municipal Health Care Group talks about new legislation that could pass health care costs to town employees.
  • Sunday Journal 11/06/11: Drug ban
    • Yarmouth Police talk about a federal ban on a dangerous new drug.
  • Sunday Journal 11/06/11: Milo Cress
    • 10 year old environmentalist Milo Cress talks about his mission to encourage restaurants and schools to be straw free.
  • Sunday Journal 10/30/11: Deer Ticks
    • Entomologist Larry Dapsis talks about precautions you can take to avoid being bitten by ticks as well as his study of ticks on the Cape.
  • Sunday Journal 10/30/11: Kevin Houston
    • Friends of Navy Seal and Barnstable High School Graduate Kevin Houston, who was killed in Afghanistan in August, have organized a 5K November 5th to raise money for Houston’s family.
  • Sunday Journal 10/30/11: Duffy Health Center
    • Representatives from Duffy Health Center talk about trauma and the ways it relates to homelessness, drug abuse and how health care providers can respond.
  • Sunday Journal 10/23/11: New Horizons
    • Members of the Cape Cod Justice for Youth Collaborative talk about the New Horizons project which seeks to reduce the recidivism rate for young people after being released from the Barnstable County House of Correction.
  • Sunday Journal 10/23/11: Bullying
    • Bullying expert Dr. Elizabeth Englander talks to us about bullying and the best ways to prevent it.
  • Sunday Journal 10/23/11: Young Professionals
    • In this installment about young people on Cape Cod, two young professionals talk about what it’s like to live and work on Cape Cod.
  • Sunday Journal 10/16/11: Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition
    • Cheryl Osimo talks about the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition and the issues that are important for anyone affected by the disease.
  • Sunday Journal 10/16/11: Commit to Complete
    • Members of the Cape Cod Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa talk about the national “Commit to Complete” movement which encourages community college students to commit to finishing their degree.
  • Sunday Journal 10/16/11: Mass Estuaries Project
    • Executive Director of the Cape Cod Water Collaborative talks about the Mass Estuaries Project and why county officials appointed a panel of scientists to review the model.
  • Sunday Journal 10/09/11: Affordable Housing
    • Julie Wake from the Housing Assistance Corporation discusses the shortage of affordable housing on the Cape.
  • Sunday Journal 10/09/11: Homeless Children
    • Meghan Schaffer from Horizons for Homeless Children talks about the increasing numbers of children on the Cape that find themselves homeless.
  • Sunday Journal 10/09/11: Workforce Development
    • David Augustinho from the Cape and Islands Workforce Investment Board talks about career opportunities for young people on the Cape.
  • Sunday Journal 10/02/11: Parents Supporting Parents
    • Lisa Murphy talks about the rising Opiate abuse epidemic that is hitting Cape Cod teenagers and the support group she has started for parents with addicted children.
  • Sunday Journal 10/02/11: Changing Lives Through Literature
    • Assistant Chief Probation officer Lonnie Welchman and Lisa Franklin-Conley talk about Changing Lives Through Literature, a program for adolescents who find themselves making their way through the juvenile court system in Barnstable.
  • Sunday Journal 10/02/11: Domestic Violence Awareness
    • Independence House Executive Director Lysetta Hurge-Putnam talks about domestic violence and the many programs that can help.
  • Sunday Journal 9/25/11: 10th Taste and See
    • Our Lady of Victory Parish in Centerville hosts its 10th Taste and See to raise money for three Cape non-profits working to reduce homelessness on Cape Cod.
  • Sunday Journal 9/25/11: CCSO 50th Anniversary
    • The Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra artistic director Jung Ho-Pak and executive director Jerome Karter discuss the history of the orchestra and its 50th anniversary season
  • Sunday Journal 9/25/11: Cape Fishermen
    • Tom Dempsey from the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fisherman’s Association talks about the unique challenges Cape fisherman face from bringing home their catch to navigating a host of state and federal regulations.
  • Sunday Journal 9/18/11: Dr. Mary Czajkowski
    • The new superintendent of Barnstable Public Schools Dr. Mary Czajkowski talks about her goals for the district moving forward.
  • Sunday Journal 9/18/11: Geek Girl Educational Training Center
    • Geek Girl Founder Leslie Fishlock and Geek Girl #2 Paula Hersey talk about the new year-round Geek Girl Educational Training Center that will offer technology classes at 645 Main Street in Hyannis.
  • Sunday Journal 9/18/11: Adam Hofmann
    • Local musician Adam Hofmann is raising awareness about human trafficking and is donating the proceeds from his second album to the organization “Made by Survivors”.
  • Sunday Journal 9/11/11: Chatham Fire Department
    • Chatham Firefighter Justin Tavano and Lt. Gerard Smith tell us about the department’s 3 mile run in honor of a firefighter who ran three miles in full gear to ground zero on the fateful day of Sept. 11, 2001.
  • Sunday Journal 9/11/11: Church Involvement
    • Reverend Deacon David Akin, St. Pius X Church in S Yarmouth, talks about his experiences as a volunteer at ground zero and Reverend Dr. John Terry, Federated Church, talks about his involvement in a 9-11 observance in Hyannis.
  • Sunday Journal 9/11/11: Monomoy Island Cleanup
    • Senior Environment Corps Fieldwork coordinator, Polly Goddard, and Bruce Schneider talk about the cleanup of Monomoy Island on September 14th in memory of Bruce’s former co-worker at Coast Guard Station Chatham, Jeffrey Palazzo.
  • Sunday Journal 9/11/11: Hyannis Fire Department
    • Hyannis Fire Lt. Tom Kenney talks about his experience as a first responder with FEMA after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
  • Sunday Journal 9/4/11: National Disaster Preparedness
    • This month is National Disaster Preparedness Month. Barnstable Emergency Preparedness Project Assistant, Amy Wallace, talks about how Cape Codders can prepare for an emergency.
  • Sunday Journal 9/4/11: Seaside LeMans
    • Seaside LeMans founder DeWitt Davenport, race sponsor Jeff Ehart and director Beth Patkoske talk about the September 11th event where Cape Cod businesses race Formula One karts to raise money for local organizations.
  • Sunday Journal 9/4/11: Hyannis Youth and Community Center
    • Director of Community Services, Lynn Poyant, and HYCC Director of Marketing, Amy Harwood, talk about the importance of the Hyannis Youth and Community Center and the 2nd anniversary celebration.
  • Sunday Journal 8/28/11: Caleb’s Crossing
    • Pulitzer Prize winning author Geraldine Brooks talks about her latest novel, Caleb’s Crossing – a book about the Wampanoag tribe on Martha’s Vineyard, and the journey of a young man who became the first Native American to graduate from Harvard.
  • Sunday Journal 8/28/11: Waste Water Issues
    • Tom DiPersio discusses possible solutions to the waste water issues facing many Cape towns, including the problem of nitrogen from septic systems seeping into Yarmouth’s water supply and eroding water quality.
  • Sunday Journal 8/28/11: Barnstable Beekeeper’s Association
    • The President of the Barnstable Beekeeper’s Association, Jan Rapp, talks about recent increased interest in the ancient practice of beekeeping.
  • Sunday Journal 8/21/11: James MacManus
    • Author and screenwriter James MacManus discusses his latest novel, The Language of the Sea.
  • Sunday Journal 8/21/11: International Student
    • Every year hundreds of international students flock to Cape Cod to find summer employment. Dragana Jovanovska, a student from Macedonia, discusses her experience.
  • Sunday Journal 8/21/11: Mermaid Ball
    • Kathy Zagzebski, Kate Shaffer, and Katharine Hurd of the National Marine Life Center, discuss expanding services to include the treatment of dolphins, porpoises, and small whales, by raising funds at the Mermaid Ball.
  • Sunday Journal 8/14/11: Medical care in Haiti
    • Dr. Thomas Sbarra and Dr. Michael Fishbein from Falmouth Hospital discuss the conditions of medical care in Haiti. The two men share their story of their travels to Haiti last year, where they discovered that doctors there lacked training and access to medical equipment.
  • Sunday Journal 8/14/11: Art at the Farm
    • Jean Carbonell, Chair of the Fundraising Committee for Art at the Farm at Meetinghouse Farm, during the West Barnstable Village Festival, talks about the event and other exciting festival happenings during the month of August.
  • Sunday Journal 8/14/11: Cape Cod Young Professionals
    • Cape Cod Young Professionals (CCYP) member Megan Thayer, talks about the group founded in 2005, which is the only group on Cape Cod dedicated to connecting, engaging, and advancing the lives of young professionals in the region.
  • Sunday Journal 8/7/11: Cape Cod National Seashore 50th
    • George Price, Superintendent of the Cape Cod National Seashore, and Molly Williams, 50th Anniversary Event Ranger, talk about the special plans and activities surrounding the 50th Anniversary of The Cape Cod National Seashore.
  • Sunday Journal 8/7/11: Against the Tide Fundraiser
    • Cheryl Osimo, Director of Events and Outreach for the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, and Co-Founder and Cape Cod Coordinator of Silent Spring, along with life Scout Chris Long discuss the organizations mission and the upcoming Against the Tide Fundraiser.
  • Sunday Journal 8/7/11: SQ Foundation
    • Alicia Mathewson from Sounding Still Wellness is currently raising money for the SQ Foundation, and hoping to raise people’s awareness about the health benefits of singing and making music.
  • Sunday Journal 7/31/11: Archbishop Elias Chacour
    • Three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and bestselling author Archbishop Elias Chacour talks about his mission to bring peace to one of the world’s most conflicted regions.
  • Sunday Journal 7/31/11: Duffy Health Center
    • Duffy Health Center marketing director Elyse DeGroot, designer Carol McLeod and outreach worker Dan McCullough discuss Duffy’s programs, new facility, and the ROAR fundraising motorcycle ride.
  • Sunday Journal 7/31/11: Summer of Science
    • Paula Fay and Jennifer True of Cape Cod Community College talk about the Summer of Science program offered to 6th through 8th graders.
  • Sunday Journal 7/24/11: John Sullivan
    • John Sullivan, director of Cape Cod Summer Theater, reflects on his final show and three decades in the arts after his retirement.
  • Sunday Journal 7/24/11: Cape Cod Irish Summerfest
    • The second annual Cape Cod Irish Summerfest is discussed with organizers Terry Clen and Dave Hickey, along with special guest Siobhan Magnus.
  • Sunday Journal 7/24/11: For the Love of the Breed
    • Charlene Poliquin of For the Love of the Breed and veterinarian Dr. Joan Goffi discuss a series of pet care talks to be held at For the Love of the Breed in Brewster on Wednesday nights through the month of September.
  • Sunday Journal 7/24/11: Pops by the Sea
    • Kevin Howard, executive director of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, highlights the 26th annual Pops by the Sea concert on August 7th, 2011.
  • Sunday Journal 7/17/11: Project Playhouse
    • Lisa Guyon of the Housing Assistance Corporation along with Rich Bryant and John Mitsis of Cape Associates talk about the Housing Assistance Corporations’ fundraiser Project Playhouse.
  • Sunday Journal 7/17/11: Foreclosure Prevention
    • Joe Loud of Foreclosure Prevention Advocates discusses options for Cape Codders facing foreclosure.
  • Sunday Journal 7/17/11: Writers Center Conference
    • Artist director Nancy Rubin Stuart talks about the 49th annual Cape Cod Writers Center Conference, scheduled to take place August 14th – 19th, 2011 in Centerville.
  • Sunday Journal 7/10/11: Hyannis Sound
    • A cappella favorites Hyannis Sound tell us about their summer schedule and share their vocal talents.
  • Sunday Journal 7/10/11: Housing With Love
    • The annual week-long Housing With Love walk takes place this week. Bob Murray of the Falmouth Housing Corporation fills us in on the ups and downs of the trek from Provincetown to Falmouth.
  • Sunday Journal 7/10/11: Barnstable County Fair
    • Wendy Brown and Chip Bishop talk about what we can expect at this year’s Barnstable County Fair, which runs from July 16 – 23, 2011.
  • Sunday Journal 7/03/11: Wind turbine noise
    • Dr. Alec Salt, Ph.D., Cochlear Fluids Research Laboratory, UW Medical School in St. Louis, MI is studying low-frequency sound, its impact on the ear, and its connection to wind turbine noise.
  • Sunday Journal 7/03/11: Nantucket-based novel, Silver Girl
    • Nantucket author Elin Hilderbrand discusses her new book, “Silver Girl.”
  • Sunday Journal 7/03/11: Calmer Choice Cape Cod
    • Adam Liss and Fiona Jensen of Calmer Choice outline the stress-reduction work they are doing with students in several Cape high schools and elementary schools.
  • Sunday Journal 6/26/11: John Klimm
    • After more than a decade leading the town, Barnstable Town Manager John Klimm will be departing his post this year. He discusses his history with the town and the events leading up to his departure.
  • Sunday Journal 6/26/11: Best Night
    • Cape and Islands United Way President Richard Brothers, Vice President Amy Levine and event organizer Rick Angelini stop by to tell us about the Best Night event.
  • Sunday Journal 6/26/11: Barnstable’s 4th of July
    • We take a look at Barnstable’s Fourth of July celebration and the Hyannis parade with committee chair Meaghann Kenney and parade Grand Marshall John Sullivan.
  • Sunday Journal 6/19/11: Bill Delahunt
    • Former 10th District Congressman Bill Delahunt is coming back to Cape Cod. Delahunt and longtime aide Mark Forest stop by and fill us in on what they’ve been up to since leaving Congress.
  • Sunday Journal 6/19/11: Homeowners Insurance
    • Paula Aschettino of Citizens for Homeowners Insurance Reform continues to fight for fair homeowners insurance rates. Aschettino outlines her organization’s progress and the status of a bill they’ve filed on Beacon Hill.
  • Sunday Journal 6/19/11: Cape Cod RTA
    • We talk about ways to avoid the Cape’s famous summer traffic and options for those without a car with Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority Administrator Tom Cahir.
  • Sunday Journal 6/12/11: New Generation Wind
    • Greg O’Brien of New Generation Wind discusses the recently reduced number of turbines in its planned project from 7 to 5. We also hear from project opponent Jim Potter of Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy.
  • Sunday Journal 6/12/11: Paws for Celebration
    • Sandy Luppi of the Brewster Animal Rescue League and Noelle Smith of Nauset Pet Services discuss the Rescue League and its Paws for Celebration fundraiser.
  • Sunday Journal 6/12/11: Big Brothers Big Sisters
    • Lisa Donovan, Brie Blakeman and Caitlin McNee of Big Brothers Big Sisters talk about the organization and what it brings to the lives of those involved.
  • Sunday Journal 6/12/11: March for Babies
    • Diane Pratt, Southeast Division Director of the March Of Dimes fills us in on the March for Babies event taking place on Father’s Day along the Cape Cod Canal.
  • Sunday Journal 6/5/11: Cape Cod Baseball League
    • Judy Walden Scarafile and John Garner of the Cape Cod Baseball League tell us all about the upcoming baseball season, All Star Game, and more.
  • Sunday Journal 6/5/11: Windwise Cape Cod
    • Sheila Bowen and Preston Ribnick of Windwise Cape Cod detail the upcoming Wind Turbine Lecture Series at Cape Cod Community College this June.
  • Sunday Journal 6/5/11: HYCC
    • Patti Machado, George Noonan and Mark Boardley of the Hyannis Youth and Community Center highlight summer activities on the beaches and at the HYCC.
  • Sunday Journal 5/29/11: Harbor Your Arts
    • Melissa Hersh, Arts & Culture Coordinator for Barnstable discusses artist shanties, outdoor concerts, and more planned for the Harbor Your Arts initiative this year.
  • Sunday Journal 5/29/11: Tourism 2011
    • Wendy Northcross, CEO of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce outlines predictions for the Summer 2011 tourism season.
  • Sunday Journal 5/29/11: Veterans Services
    • Ed Merrigan, Director of Veterans Services Barnstable District discusses how we can best honor our servicemen this Memorial Day.
  • Sunday Journal 5/22/11: Hosteling International
    • Real estate appraiser Michael McCann discusses his findings from extensive research conducted across the country about the impact of wind turbines on real estate values.
  • Sunday Journal 5/22/11: Property Values and Wind Turbines I
    • Real estate appraiser Michael McCann discusses his findings from extensive research conducted across the country about the impact of wind turbines on real estate values.
  • Sunday Journal 5/22/11: Property Values and Wind Turbines II
    • Real estate appraiser Michael McCann shares his findings with us, and the research he’s done in Brewster and other Cape towns in this special 2-part segment.
  • Sunday Journal 5/15/11: Cape Mediation
    • Robin Reed, David Myers and Nancy Fleming of Cape Mediation discuss ways to resolve conflict without the need for a lawyer.
  • Sunday Journal 5/15/11: Flax Pond
    • Yarmouth recreation director Pat Armstrong and capital campaign coordinator Arthur Luke discuss funding for renovations to Flax Pond.
  • Sunday Journal 5/15/11: Center for Innovative Water Technologies
    • Dr. Bob Curtis of the newly formed Center for Innovative Water Technologies fills us in on the plan to create a comprehensive water science center in Woods Hole.
  • Sunday Journal 5/08/11: Bourne Wind Turbines
    • Jim Potter of Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy highlights a citizen-petitioned article on Bourne’s town meeting warrant relating to the siting of turbines in town.
  • Sunday Journal 5/08/11: Figawi Charity Ball
    • Leo Fine and Howard “Howie Figawi” Penn highlight the the 25th annual Figawi Charity Ball scheduled for Saturday, May 21st.
  • Sunday Journal 5/08/11: Spaulding Adaptive Sports Fair
    • Mary Patstone, Debbie Szpond and Diann Black paint a picture of the Spaulding Adaptive Sports Fair, helping people with injuries and disabilities find ways to enjoy outdoor athletic sports.
  • Sunday Journal 5/01/11: Smarter Cape Summit
    • Preview the May 9th and May 10th Smarter Cape Summit with Teresa Martin of Cape Eyes; Wendy Northcross of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce; Bert Jackson of the Cape Cod Technology Council and Leslie Richardson of the Cape Cod Commission.
  • Sunday Journal 5/01/11: Penny Schiller
    • The 25-year career of recently retired Yarmouth Animal Control officer Penny Schiller is reviewed.
  • Sunday Journal 5/01/11: Cape Cod Healthcare
    • Cape Cod Healthcare VP of Marketing David Reilly and VP of Human Resources David Ryan discuss the ongoing contract negotiations with the Mass Nurses’ Association along with the hospital’s commitment to quality care.
  • Sunday Journal 5/01/11: Article 5
    • Brewster Special Town Meeting is on Monday, May 2nd… today we get a glimpse of the controversial Article 5 with members of Brewster Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy.
  • Sunday Journal 4/24/11: Cape Homeless
    • The 2011 Cape homeless count is discussed with Estelle Fritziger of the Community Action Committee of the Cape and Islands and Beth Albert, director of human services for Barnstable County.
  • Sunday Journal 4/24/11: Duffy Health Center
    • The Duffy Health Center is in its new location and will soon be taking its mobile health clinic on the road. CEO Heidi Nelson and Community Relations director Elyse Degroot talk about the new building and the upcoming tour.
  • Sunday Journal 4/24/11: Cape Cod Nurses
    • Nurses concerned about staffing levels and working conditions at both Cape Cod and Falmouth Hospitals discuss their work and ongoing negotiations with the hospital.
  • Sunday Journal 4/17/11: Cape Abilities 5k
    • Larry Thayer and Jeff Ehart of Cape Abilities discuss the annual Cape Abilities 5k fundraiser.
  • Sunday Journal 4/17/11: Cape Cod Museum of Art
    • The Cape Cod Museum of Art is turning 30 this year. Executive director Elizabeth Ives Hunter fills us in on the museum’s history and planned anniversary activities.
  • Sunday Journal 4/17/11: Pops By The Sea
    • Kevin Howard, executive director of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, tells us about the guest conductors at the Pops By The Sea scheduled for August 7, 2011.
  • Sunday Journal 4/17/11: Pets & Disasters
    • Carter Luke, president of the MSPCA, gives us tips on disaster preparedness for household pets and talks about the State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team (SMART).
  • Sunday Journal 4/10/11: New England Burials at Sea
    • Captain Brad White of New England Burials at Sea tells us all about his fascinating line of work.
  • Sunday Journal 4/10/11: Children’s Cove
    • Beth Biro, a forensic child abuse consultant with child advocacy group Children’s Cove talks about the dangers of child sexual abuse and how parents can learn to communicate with and protect their children from harm.
  • Sunday Journal 4/10/11: Wind Turbine Noise
    • Consultant Robert Rand of the Brunswick, Maine based Rand Acoustics shares his studies on wind turbine noise and outlines a planned study in Falmouth.
  • Sunday Journal 4/3/11: Organic Landscaping Tips
    • Organic landscaper Laura Kelley provides tips and tricks for caring for your lawn and garden without using chemicals.
  • Sunday Journal 4/3/11: Cape Wildlife Center
    • Theresa Barbo of the Cape Wildlife Center in Cummaquid talks about the center’s work rehabilitating injured wild animals.
  • Sunday Journal 4/3/11: Brewster Citizens for Responsible Energy
    • Brewster Citizens for Responsible Energy discuss how selectmen are backing an article for spring town meeting that would remove the planning board’s power in siting a controversial wind turbine project.
  • Sunday Journal 3/27/11: National Alliance for Mental Illness
    • Judd Phelps and Judy Russo, volunteers with the National Alliance for Mental Illness, outline an upcoming course for friends and loved ones of those dealing with mental illness.
  • Sunday Journal 3/27/11: IRS Tax Tips
    • Tax time is here and we get some important tips, tricks and updates from IRS New England spokesperson Peggy Riley.
  • Sunday Journal 3/27/2011: Meetinghouse Farm
    • The Meetinghouse Farm in West Barnstable is preparing for an interesting fundraiser. Volunteer Sue Griffin tells us what the farm is all about and details the fundraising trip being organized by the farm.
  • Sunday Journal 3/20/11: John Sullivan
    • Barnstable High School Drama Club members and Drama Coach John Sullivan discuss his final production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
  • Sunday Journal 3/20/11: WE CAN
    • WE CAN is a local organization dedicated to helping women undergoing challenging life transitions. Director Andi Genser outlines the work of this organization in its 10th anniversary year.
  • Sunday Journal 3/20/11: Falmouth Wind Turbine
    • Falmouth residents Malcolm Donald, Annie Hart-Coule and John J. Ford talk about life beneath the town’s wind turbine.
  • Sunday Journal 3/13/11: Creative Collaborative Conference
    • Kevin Howard, executive director of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, talks about the 4th annual Creative Collaborative Conference.
  • Sunday Journal 3/13/11: Career Changers Conference
    • Cape Cod Community College’s Career Changers Conference is discussed with adult advisor Jacquie Scarborough and career advisor Dawn Harney.
  • Sunday Journal 3/13/11: Cape Cod Young Professionals
    • The Cape Cod Young Professionals (CCYP) mission and work in the community is highlighted with executive director Anne Van Vleck and board member Jeff Cotto.
  • Sunday Journal 3/6/11: Ma Otis Food Pantry
    • Sheriff Jim Cummings, Special Sheriff Jeff Perry and Ma Otis Food Pantry co-founder Maria Wood talk about the needs of the food pantry along with a special fundraiser on March 9th.
  • Sunday Journal 3/6/11: Geek Girl Boot Camp
    • Geek Girls Leslie Fishlock and Paula Hersey outline the technology skills taught at Geek Girl Boot Camp scheduled for March 19th at the Cape Cod Community College in West Barnstable.
  • Sunday Journal 3/6/11: Heroes Breakfast
    • Erica Waasdorp of the Red Cross and this year’s Animal Hero Deb Doe and Individual with a Disability hero Jim Berks talk about this year’s American Red Cross Heroes Breakfast scheduled for March 31st.

    Sunday Journal 2/27/11: Cape Cod St. Patrick’s Parade

    • Event organizers Tommy McCormack and John Fallon discuss the 6th annual Cape Cod St. Patrick’s Parade being held on March 5th in Dennis and Yarmouth.

    Sunday Journal 2/27/11: Lisa Guyon of HAC

    • Lisa Guyon, new Director of Resource Development for the Housing Assistance Corporation shares her experience of founding a community service non-profit in Boston and her new position at HAC.

    Sunday Journal 2/27/11: PFLAG of Cape Cod

    • Amy Mesirow, Randy Lewis-Kendall, and Cindy Rosenbaum of PFLAG of Cape Cod highlight an important workshop series geared towards family and friends of gays and lesbians on Cape Cod.

    Sunday Journal 2/20/11: Cape’s African-American

    • John Reed of the Zion Union Heritage Museum talks about the Cape’s African-American history in light of Black History Month.

    Sunday Journal 2/20/11: Herbicides Spraying

    • Environmental activists Laura Kelley and Jared Collins outline the continuing push to stop Nstar from spraying herbicides along the power line rights of way on Cape Cod.

    Sunday Journal 2/20/11: Student Athlete Concussions

    • Certified athletic trainer with the Nauset school system Michele Pavlu and Spaulding Rehabilitation specialist Dr. Andrew Judelson discuss the serious issue of diagnosing, treating and preventing student athlete concussions.

    Sunday Journal 2/13/11: Seasonal Affected Disorder

    • Ways to identify, treat and combat Seasonal Affected Disorder are highlighted with Cape Cod Healthcare clinical social worker Dayle Lawrence.

    Sunday Journal 2/13/11: Shelter from the Storm

    • Cape Cod Academy teacher Larry Brown, Homeless Not Hopeless co-founder Alan Burt, and three CCA students talk about the annual student-run Shelter from the Storm concert to benefit Homeless Not Hopeless.

    Sunday Journal 2/13/11: Power in Aging

    • Improving transit options and strengthening independence for the Cape’s seniors is discussed with Power in Aging collaborative co-chair Deb Downey.

    Sunday Journal 2/13/11: Lisa Genova

    • New York Times bestselling author and Chatham resident Lisa Genova talks about her books ‘Still Alice’ and ‘Left Neglected’.

    Sunday Journal 2/06/11: Bourne Wind Turbines

    • We get the lowdown on a plan to erect 7 wind turbines on land in Bourne with Greg O’Brien of the Stony Brook Group, Jerry Ingersoll, land trustee and Dave Peterson of Cape Cod Aggregates.

    Sunday Journal 2/06/11: Barnstable County Special Sheriff

    • Barnstable County Sheriff Jim Cummings and newly appointed Special Sheriff Jeff Perry discuss the former state rep’s new position.

    Sunday Journal 2/06/11: Bill Keating

    • We visit with 10th District Congressman Bill Keating in a conversation that covers Cape Cod, small business and jobs, homeland security and the historic Congressional office he now occupies.

    Sunday Journal 1/30/11: Windwise Cape Cod

    • Jim Rogers and Sheila Bowen of the turbine-opposition group Windwise Cape Cod talk about their push to educate and inform residents about wind turbines.

    Sunday Journal 1/30/11: Duffy Health Center

    • The health care center that cares for the Cape’s homeless is being upgraded. We’ll take a tour of the under-construction Duffy Health Center in Hyannis with executive director Heidi Nelson and nurse Cindy Glista.

    Sunday Journal 1/30/11: March of Dimes Telerama

    • Dick Sullivan and Diane Pratt of the March of Dimes tell us all about the 41st annual Telerama.

    Sunday Journal 1/23/11: Wind Turbine Regulations

    • Cape Cod Commission Executive Director Paul Niedzwiecki and planner Ryan Christenberry go through the Commission’s planned wind turbine regulations.

    Sunday Journal 1/23/11: Cape Cod National Seashore

    • Cape Cod National Seashore Superintendent George Price talks about the history of the CCNS and outlines plans for the national park’s 50th anniversary.

    Sunday Journal 1/23/11: State Rep Randy Hunt

    • 5th Barnstable District State Representative Randy Hunt talks pension reform, health insurance costs and personal income tax reform as he embarks on his first term in state legislature.

    Sunday Journal 1/16/11: Peace Quilts

    • One year after the devastating Haiti earthquake, Jeanne Staples, Harvey Beth and Shari Geistfeld of the Vineyard-based Peace Quilts discuss their relief work with the island nation.

    Sunday Journal 1/16/11: Housing Assistance Corporation

    • Rick Presbrey, Housing Assistance Corporation CEO outlines the results of a months-long study of the NOAH homeless shelter and future goals to help the community with more effective services.

    Sunday Journal 1/16/11: Cape Cod Community College

    • Michael Gross, Director of College Communications at Cape Cod Community College, talks about the diverse educational opportunities at the college and their 50th year of operation.

    Sunday Journal 1/9/11: Cape Cod Healthcare CEO

    • Michael Lauf, newly named Chief Executive Officer of Cape Cod Healthcare speaks about his past experience and his vision for the future of the Cape’s hospital system.

    Sunday Journal 1/9/11: Police K9 Relief Fund

    • Joe Ambrosini of the Cape Cod Police K9 Relief Fund discusses the work of his organization and a pair of annual fundraisers.

    Sunday Journal 1/9/11: Thompson’s Clam Bar DVD

    • Take a trip down memory lane with John Foster, who is marketing a film highlighting the heyday of Thompson’s Clam Bar and organizing a reunion of past employees.

    Sunday Journal 1/2/11: Wind Turbines in Maine (Part 4)

    • Dr. Michael Nissenbaum of Maine discusses the fascinating results of a recent study of people living in the shadow of wind turbines in Mars Hill and Vinalhaven, Maine.
      This is the fourth in an ongoing series on land-based wind turbine projects on Cape Cod.

    Sunday Journal 1/2/11: Stress Tips

    • Adam Liss of Cape Stress Reduction and Optimal Health shares tips for reducing stress in the new year.

    Sunday Journal 1/2/11: William Delahunt

    • Outgoing Congressman William Delahunt reflects on 14 years serving the Cape and Islands and South Shore.
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