Janie Needs a Home! Will You Help?

Janie—a one-year-old Shepherd/Great Dane mix—arrived at the MSPCA-Cape Cod in Centerville under circumstances all too familiar: her previous owner could not devote enough time to her after this sweet four-legged grew out of her puppy stage. Janie is a large and high-energy dog who would make the perfect companion for an outdoorsy, active individual or family. Long walks, hikes and jogs are on the cards for this girl! Janie would likely do best in a home with older kids and without cats. The shelter staff also recommends that she attend basic behavior/obedience classes to ensure she thrives as a good citizen in the world. Janie is in wonderful health and eager to meet her new person.

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Looking for a Pet?

The MSPCA Cape Cod has dogs and cats that need good homes! Please visit their location in Centerville! Each week, CapeCod.com, in conjunction with 99.9 the Q, picks an animal and tries to help find a home for that animal. See below for all the animals that we’ve helped and that are available still!


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