Simultaneous rollovers, morning crash keep West Barnstable rescuers busy

– Two nearly simultaneous rollover crashes Friday afternoon had West Barnstable rescuers busy. The crashes happened about 4:15 p.m. The first Westbound at the Oak Street overpass (photo above). The second on the eastbound exit 5 onramp. The driver of the exit 5 crash was taken to Cape Cod Hospital by a Centerville ambulance with potentially serious injuries. No serious injuries were reported at the Oak Street overpass crash. State Police are investigating both crashes.

West Barnstable Fire also reported theyresponded to a multi-car crash (photo below) on Route 132 near Exit 6 Friday morning. Both the Barnstable FD and the West Barnstable FD responded. There were no serious injuries.

Photos courtesy of West Barnstable Fire

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