Six arrested in Yarmouth/Dennis warrant sweep

warrent sweep compYARMOUTH/DENNIS – Between 5:49 a.m. and 11:18 a.m. Thursday Massachusetts State Police troopers assigned to the Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section arrested six wanted people in Yarmouth and Dennis on a total of 13 outstanding warrants for a variety of charges. Patrol officers, detectives and Proactive Anti-Crime Unit officers of the Yarmouth and Barnstable police departments assisted the troopers.

All suspects were taken in to custody and subsequently transported to their respective courts of prosecution in Orleans or the Barnstable District Court.

The following were arrested and considered innocent until found guilty in a court of law: Lisa Marie Fuller, 37, South Yarmouth (photo top row left); Daniel T. O’Connor, 36, South Yarmouth (photo top row center); Alan Joseph Carey, 32, Dennis, (photo top row right); Rachel Eldridge, 26, Dennis, (photo bottom row left); Zacharee Roger Williams, 19, Dennis, (photo bottom row center); Jason A. Sanders, 40, Onset, (photo bottom row right).

Media release and booking photos provided by the Yarmouth Police Department


  1. This operation was a disgraceful over-use of force and the agencies involved should absolutely be ashamed of themselves for their being a part of it. Why I say this is that I witnessed one stop of this operation being performed upon my neighbor’s home; what I saw is approximately a dozen officers with guns drawn in ‘stripped-down’ SWAT team gear forcefully enter this person’s home (with small children inside) without giving any reason I could hear aside from ‘warrant’. Of course without knowing what this was about, I figured that it was something very serious by the looks of the circumstance. After all was said and done and the officers left, I asked my neighbor what had happened and why they were there; the response I heard was something I could not believe and thought my neighbor was not telling me the truth until I talked to the person they were looking for later that day: IT WAS FOR A MISSED COURT DATE FOR A TRAFFIC VIOLATION!!! I kid you not. Oh to make it even more ridiculous apparently this person’s sister had the same group of officers show up to her house in a similar fashion to pick her up for, and I kid you not: MISSED JURY DUTY! I understand that a warrant is no small matter and it was these people’s responsibility to take care of it before it went that far but there is no excuse for the grossly disproportionate amount of zeal and aggression these officers seemed to have in performing this task when they likely knew all along why it was they were there; nevermind the incredible waste of local and state resources it consumed.

    • Really “Willelm,” so it was over missed jury duty…. and you got this from a “neighbor.” And a sister told you this… after they raided her house? And she told you it was just for jury duty? and you believe her hook, line, and sinker… and for that you’re willing to bash these officers? Are you high? or just f’in stupid?

      • I know for a fact they used excessive force. Not to mention they busted into a wrong house threw my friend from his front step to the ground outside and the warrant wasn’t for him it was for an old tenant. If you ask me that’s a bit much! But yes I think your neighbor was lying to you because this was the fugitive violent criminal task force or something to that affect.

      • Yes I know this for sure; I was also initially skeptical but I was shown the paperwork regarding both cases. I’ve known their family for as long as I’ve lived here and they are not the kind of people who get in trouble and I have in all this time had no reason to distrust them. In fact the kid (rather 20 something y/o) who they were looking for next door is in the national guard and apparently missed his court date because his unit was doing a week long advanced training to prepare for an overseas deployment to the middle east. Fortunately he was not at home the other morning and he was able to go to court later that day to clear things up without ever having to be arrested. How do you figure I would have been able to talk to him later that afternoon if he was wanted for a violent felony? I saw him earlier today and I have not seen any more cops over there; is that proof enough?

  2. Thanks to those who added some common sense to the comments here.

    • What would give you the impression I was lying? That the police would never overdo the amount of force necessary for such a minor issue? You really must not have been paying attention. The over-militarization of civilian police forces is something which has been going on for a while now and this situation was a classic symptom of this problem.

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