Countdown To Christmas: A Real Tree Or A Fake?

treeDecorated11If you celebrate Christmas then chances are you have one in your living room right now – but is your Christmas tree real or fake?

It’s an age-old debate with the live tree people swearing there ain’t nothing like the real thing, while the fake aficionados brag about the ease, the economy and the environmental friendliness of a fake.
“I prefer real trees… I think I’ll always want a real tree because I love how it smells in my house,” Emily Abraham, 17, of Centerville, told “I suppose it is a hassle but to me it’s worth it. “

Emily said she can’t imagine Christmas without a real tree, because for her it just wouldn’t feel like Christmas. Yes, it can be a hassle, but during the holidays your tree is the focal point of your home and putting in the extra work to get a real tree is worth it for some. Like the very festive types who make going to the tree lot, picking out the tree, bringing it home and trimming it – with lots of hot chocolate, of course – a family Christmas tradition.

That’s fine, but personally, I prefer an artificial tree. I move around more than most people and trying to find a new tree lot everywhere I go is a Christmas headache I don’t need. Then finding somewhere to dispose of a browning tree once Christmas is over, is also a pain. And for families with jobs, kids and no extra time or money, a one-time payment for a tree that fits perfectly into your house and can be unloaded from a box every year is a no-brainer.
So which do you prefer? Real or fake?
Let us know in the comments below, and we here at wish you a Merry Christmas, regardless of your preference.

— By Kaitlyn Holzworth

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