Craigslist Cape Cod: A Place for Anything and Everything

Craigslist Cape Cod is a local portal of the website Craigslist, a digital, “want-ad” style collection of personal solicitations. Some use it to sell, some to seek work, and others even attempt to locate their next date using the website’s ‘personals’ section.

Craigslist Cape Cod

Whatever your ‘personal’ preference, Craigslist Cape Cod offers diversity to match the unique area it represents.

Major Categories

Housing – Need a place to stay? Whether it’s long-term or sublet, your next home or vacation home, the Housing section contains an eclectic mix of properties for rent or purchase. But homebuyers and vacationers aren’t the only ones who benefit – this section sometimes includes business rentals and industrial buildings.

Community – This section is for the do-gooders, artists, musicians and volunteers of Cape Cod. It contains subcategories such as “lost+found,” “childcare” and “rideshare” but also covers community news arts events.

Jobs – It is this section that truly presents an alternative representative of Cape Cod demographics. Many of the positions listed are “blue collar:” Roofers and Sidewallers, Carpenters, Boatyard hands – all postings that confirm a need for skilled labor in the Cape area. But various other types of work are advertised, including accounting, finance, retail, hospitality and design.

For Sale – This is usually what people think of when they hear “Craigslist” – A virtual yard sale of any and every type of previously-owned item can be found here. Craigslist Cape Cod’s antique section is populated with sea-themed and Victorian-era antiques which often hold clues to the region’s Cranberry farming past; the boating section has listings for kayaks, schooners and dual-engine cruisers; there’s even a section for video games. Of course, users can always place want ads on Craigslist Cape Cod.

Additionally, forums are available on everything from arts to movies to yoga and can be found under “discussion forums.” Troubleshooting an issue and calling attention to a certain aspect of a topic are the main functions of this grouping.

History of Craigslist Cape Cod

Craigslist as a whole came together in 1995 when its namesake, Craig Newmark, created an email distribution list covering events in the San Francisco Bay area. Through word-of-mouth, the service grew to the point that a web presence was needed, and went live in 1996.

In recent years, law enforcement has concerned itself with the potentially-dangerous elements of using an unregulated website. The freedom to post personal information can also be a danger, and there have been tragic reports of violence during Craigslist-related meetups.

To combat that, police departments across the Cape have instituted “safe drop-off” programs, allowing Craigslist users to meet up in well-monitored police station parking lots.

Interesting Categories on Craigslist Cape Cod

There’s an expression anyone who has ever plunged into the depths of the internet will tell you: “if it exists, it exists on the internet.”

That statement is in many ways true of Craigslist. A cursory glance through the “rants and raves” section will typically come up with some strange or humorous material.

For example, you can find raw, unstructured “reviews” of local service providers, people and businesses – though these can contain harsh language and even harsher views on said topics. Regardless, it can be beneficial to any community to have a forum for – shall we call it – decompression. At its best, the “rants and raves” category can alert consumers (and law enforcement) to scams and unite victims of various kinds of mistreatment.

Then, there are the infamous “seeking…” areas. These are the subdivisions of the greater “personals” category which have caught flack over the years from public censors and critics over the years. Formerly known as “erotic,” these sections are subdivided into “w4m (women seeking men),” “m4m (man seeking man),” etc. and can involve anything from serious dates to casually flings.

Craigslist does not typically receive much moderation, and that can lead to some humorous, tongue-firmly-in-cheek postings. Take this one from Craigslist Boston, where a user made a “request” for blood.

Whether you’re new to Cape Cod and need to get your feet wet, or a long-time community member who wants to stay in-the-know, Craigslist Cape Cod is the way to see the area as Cape Codders do.

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