Finding Dimes: What Does It Mean?

An odd thing started happening to me a few years ago. I started finding dimes in the strangest places. Not dimes and pennies, or dimes and nickels, or a random combination of various coins, nope, just dimes. I find them CONSTANTLY, usually just one at a time, everywhere I go; on the ground, in the washing machine, on a table in a restaurant, in my shoe, on the floor in the supermarket, etc. I didn’t think much of it until it started happening so much, that I couldn’t help but notice and start paying closer attention. Sometimes I pick the dime up and put it in my pocket, but usually I just smile and keep going on my merry way. I always look around to see if anyone has dropped a dime when I find one, but then I realized something else. I never find dimes when I’m around others, I only find them when I’m alone.

I know it probably sounds silly that I’m questioning the dimes, but they appear so frequently in my life, that I have to. I thought maybe it was a sign that someone was trying to tell me something. I recently lost my grandfather and I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to him, so I wonder if finding the dimes has anything to do with that?

I decided to look it up and see if there was a meaning behind all the dimes, and it turns out there is! I’m not the only one who finds random dimes in her life! Many people feel that the dimes are a sign of communication from someone that has passed on, letting them know they are not alone. Some other interpretations of finding dimes are:

– Someone or something is trying to get your attention.
– Guidance or validation that you’re on the right path.
– Ancestors, spirits, or deceased loved ones want you to know they’re looking out for you.
– The number 10 symbolizes a circle, so a dime might indicate coming full circle.

I may not know exactly what it means right now to keep finding random dimes but it seems that no matter what it is, it’s something positive!   Check out our article if you’re continually finding pennies.
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