Is This Harassment?

I wasn’t sure I would ever share this story, but in light of what is being revealed by many celebrities and non-celebrities recently here goes nothing.

A few years back at a different radio station, (not the stations I’m with now on The Cape) I was doing a morning show. Well, I was in the middle of talking when my partner got up and left the room. (Which was kind of strange since he was suppose to contribute to the conversation)

I may have made a “what are you doing face” but carried on. Around 5 minutes later, I was on the radio again and in the middle of my spiel and I look up and my partner comes back into the room with NO CLOTHES ON! NOT ONE STITCH! NOTHING! Completely bare bottom!

I remember thinking to myself, what the hell? Who does that?

I know it is radio and things can be a little “loosey-goosey” in this environment once in a while but not that loose!

I didn’t freak out. I held my composure because I realized he wanted me to freak out! That’s the reaction he was looking for and I wasn’t about to give it to him.
Inside I was thinking “what the heck is he doing” and “what is he thinking.”

This is a place of business.

Can you imagine if I worked in a bank and that happened? Ugh.

Anyway, I expressed my displeasure to say the least. He then proceeded to go into the adjacent on-air studio with a different morning show. Those guys came very close to putting him in the ground!

Nothing ever happened to him. No punishment, nothing!

But that’s because none of us said anything to the hierarchy. I really don’t know why we didn’t! We just didn’t. Would that be considered working in a “hostile work environment?
I think so!

Well, I’m sure that scenario will never happen again. However, if it does, you can bet I will definitely use my voice this time!

Oh, and by the way, you know this person. It was a celebrity!

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