Some Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

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What Foods Should You Keep for an Emergency?

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Is Flavored Coffee for You?

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I Love Grilling… Year Round!

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Get Your Diet Back on Track!

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Makeup Insight and Tips!

When women get a little older they need to tweak their makeup techniques. We can't wear out makeup at 50 like we did when we were 30. Feel free to … [Read more...]

21 Things to Know Before You Travel

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What I Do for Headaches!

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Above and Beyond

Wow...find out what this brave girl did to help a dog in need. She went above and beyond. Whether you're an animal lover or not this should tug at … [Read more...]

The World’s LARGEST Fidget Spinner

Chances are if you're a parent or grandparent your child has a "Fidget Spinner" Even thought they say the craze is on the wane. Check out these guys … [Read more...]

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