My “New Normal”

Well, we know that Thanksgiving is this Thursday and half of me is looking forward to it and the other half has mixed feelings. Why am I having mixed … [Read more...]

I Finally Did Something I’ve Always Wanted To Do

I finally did something I have always wanted to do! I took a CPR course. Here is why. Many years ago, when I first got into radio, I was hosting … [Read more...]

Is This Harassment?

I wasn’t sure I would ever share this story, but in light of what is being revealed by many celebrities and non-celebrities recently here goes … [Read more...]

Great Ways to Make Your Relationship Work

Whether you're in a relationship now or not...these are great tips on ways you can improve your relationship. Use them now or save them for when that … [Read more...]

The Phrase That’s Hardest To Say In A Relationship

Whether you're currently in a relationship or not...there is something that would be helpful for you to know that could repair or help you in your … [Read more...]

Dating After 40

I never thought I would have found myself single and over 40 but when my husband passed away suddenly 4 years ago that's exactly what happened. Well, … [Read more...]

How to Tell He is NOT Cheating on You

Well lets face it...if you've been on the dating scene for a long period of time there is a chance you may have been cheated on. Hopefully, you're … [Read more...]

What Should You Say to Your Kids?

In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas...Many of us have questions. Lots of people are scared especially children. What should you say to your … [Read more...]

How to Tell If Your Blood Sugar is High

A couple of years ago my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. I lost a lot of weight...had a recent check up and NOW I am no where close to being … [Read more...]

Some Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

Have you noticed your hair falling out a little more than usual? Read this article because there are foods that can help prevent hair loss. Karen … [Read more...]

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