VIDEO: Incredible Drone Footage of Chatham

Take a look at this incredible drone footage of Chatham.

Flying over seals, flying over beach goers, this video has it all.

Check it out.


  1. John T Kite says:

    Do we really now have to put up with drones flying over everywhere, over Monomoy a National Wildlife Refuge? There is nothing spectacular about this, why not record the incessant whine of the minature propellers…clearly what made the seals scramble for the water. They should be banned. Restricted if necessary to an extremely small flight area, away from anyone!

    • Captain Chris says:

      The real hazard here, John, is the 30,000 seals on the beaches. Do you know that an adult eats 20-30 pounds of fish a day ? Times 30K ? … That’s 3/4 of a million pounds of fish a day ! Too bad for the seals if the rotors scared them; maybe they should be MORE Scared ! They are polluting the east side beaches and drawing the Great Whites in. And if for no other reason than to see how many of these ocean predators there are, the video was great !

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