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Living on Cape Cod has its own set of challenges when it comes to insurance. If you live on Cape Cod or the Islands, you have a ‘coastal’ home, no matter if you’re near the water or not, according to Joe DeOliveira, owner and president of DeOliveira Insurance. “Companies look at it as coastal. That means you have limited markets. If you do have one that writes here, they will have the standard deductibles, as well as a wind, hail and storm deductible and that’s the big coastal restriction. This also happens in Plymouth, the South Shore, etc., but definitely all of the Cape.”

Years ago, insurance wasn’t a very competitive industry. It was cut and dry, with carriers and insurance brokers all offering what was basically the same thing – house, life, auto – period. This resulted in many homeowners having the same policies for decades without ever checking them, and never wondering if there might be a better deal out there.

Much has changed in recent years. Today, there is an abundance of choices for insurance coverage, yet many old-school brokers still only rely on one or two carriers within their business. In such cases, who knows if you’re properly covered if an emergency arises? What if you’re not really covered in the best and most cost-effective way possible?

Options are key in today’s insurance industry, and having and experienced broker who will do the research and find the best and most affordable policies for you is crucial. For close to 20 years, DeOliveira Insurance has been providing insurance coverage for clients all over Cape Cod and the South Shore. For Joe and his team, it’s all about the customer.

“We offer the best of both worlds,” he said. “We have the options of going with the name-brand national carriers and seeing if that’s a good fit for you. And we have the opportunity to look at it, show you what alternatives are available to you, and help you make an educated choice. We take the time to check out all the options. You need to know what the big companies are offering, as well as the smaller companies.”

Having a dependable insurance broker, who is willing to do the research for the benefit of his or her client, is essential. The client-broker relationship is one of trust and reliability – as well as accessibility. If you have questions regarding your policy, you’ll want a broker who will be able to speak plainly and honestly, so you can make the best choices.

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“If you do go with a large company, such as Progressive, you have the option of calling me or calling the carrier directly. I can touch base with the adjuster who might be out of state. You may not understand what they’re saying but, as the agent, I can break that down and tell you plainly what they’re talking about.”

DeOliveira isn’t stuck with one carrier – he searches the market to give you options for each insurance plan, present the best ones to you and explain the differences. He won’t just present the one carrier he’s being pushed to sell (or wants to sell because he’ll make more money from it).

He’ll review what you already have, and make solid recommendations on areas where you can save money, or areas where a little increase can go a long way. “Not all of it has to be big changes,” he said. “Sometimes a few dollars’ worth more on your premium, is worth thousands of dollars in coverage.”

Joe DeOliveira has a background in construction, and knowing building codes, etc., helps him choose the right plans for his clients. He knows exactly what to look for in the homeowner insurance carriers for the Cape. He currently insures clients all over the Cape and the Islands, and South Shore, as well as Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and some commercial clients in Maine and Vermont. DeOliveira Insurance is truly a one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs.

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