The Parts of the Cape We Like Most

Cape Cod has a lot to offer for both locals and visitors, with many of these things being the primary reasons why people return and/or stay on the Cape. These activities and places remain as fond memories and may be the first thing that comes to mind when a person thinks of the Cape. We decided to go around our company office and ask around what people’s favorite things about the Cape are. Here are some of the responses we received from various departments:

Riding the Motorcycle on 6A

One of my favorite places to be on Cape Cod is my motorcycle on Rte. 6A… You always hear the saying “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”… Well it’s about the journey AND the destination. I love starting at the canal in Sandwich and riding along Rte. 6A all the way to Provincetown. There are plenty of winding back roads for quick detours to bring you along the bay and through winding wooded areas too! So much to see along the way. It’s the best way to take in ALL that Cape Cod has to offer!
Cat, That Girl in the Morning on Cape Country 104

Hamblins Pond, Marstons Mills

My favorite place on Cape Cod has always been Hamblins Pond in Marstons Mills. Unconventional, I know. There’s no ocean, no surf, no place to legally consume booze, no particularly special view to speak of, but it has just a bit of a lot of the things that I like. You see, there’s water – suitable for swimming, or kayaking, or sailing, or snorkeling. There’s a small, pitiable public beach that almost nobody goes to, when you’re there it’s as though the Town of Barnstable has constructed it all just for you. A few hundred yards away there is a public landing where one can fish the state-stocked waters. And in between the two is Burgess Park, acres and acres of trails, and hills looking over the water. They have Frisbee Golf too. In the winter, the pond will occasionally freeze over and that’s my favorite part. You can skate or go ice fishing if that’s your thing, it doesn’t happen to be mine. What I like is to get together with the people I like and have a bon fire. I’m almost certain that it’s legal, and only a bit less certain that it’s entirely safe. There are picturesque sunsets and frequently you’ll spot fireworks courtesy of some hooligans at Burgess Park. Hamblins Pond offers the best of nothing, there are certainly better places to swim, or hike, or see fireworks, or fish, or sail, or kayak, or set fires, or be alone. But at Hamblins Pond you can do it all, often at the same time, and that is why it is the best. News Reporter


Being a lover of craft beer, visiting the local Cape breweries has a become a staple of mine. It’s a great way to hangout with friends and family and having grown up on the Cape I run into people I know too! I always make sure to try out any seasonal brews as they can be some of the best and may not always appear again. There are a number of breweries to choose from that offer tours, tastings and events, which can be nice to enjoy with company and a good beer. Not only do I get good beer to drink, but I am also supporting local businesses, it’s a win/win.
James, Staff


Having grown up in 1980’s arcades, I love finding some of the same games in arcades across the Cape. Sharing my favorite old arcade games with my son brings us to new places with new experiences. Both Holiday Hill (Dennis) and Poit’s Lighthouse (Eastham) offer mini golf in addition to an array of terrific retro arcade games. Wackenhammer’s Clockwork Arcade (Hyannis) also has several vintage arcade games and renowned carousel. Ryan Family Amusements features modern games and bowling in many of their locations. They’ve also brought arcade games to several great Cape Cod destinations via partnerships with The Cape Codder Waterpark and the Cape Cod Inflatable Park. Each summer we discover a few new Cape activities during our arcade travels!
Pete, Staff

Whale Watches

The one thing I tell visitors to do when visiting Cape Cod is Whale Watching. I previously lived in the Pacific Northwest and if you ask me East Coast whales know how to put on a show. Not only do you get to spend time on the water but you’re reminded just how close you are to some of the biggest and most unique creatures still on earth. Whale Watching on Cape Cod bring you up close and personal and give you a really interesting insight into the history of Cape Cod. Aside from seeing them jump, dive, and spin, the naturists on board do a great job of educating everyone on board about not just whales but also fish, birds, and others inhabiting the waters around Cape Cod. I was lucky enough to be on board the first Whale Watch of the season with Hyannis Whale Watcher this year.  I also have two more trips planned with friends and family visiting before the season is over. If you’re closer to the outer cape there are regular whale watches from Provincetown.
Rebecca, Staff

The Off-Road Trails at Nauset Beach

When the heat and the hustle of a Cape Cod summer slowly turns to a cooler and calmer early fall, the draw of the off-road trails at Nauset Beach in Orleans is magnetic. For nearly a quarter century, the unspoiled stretch of sand just south of the main parking lot, only accessible via oversand vehicle or foot, has been one of my family’s most sacred places to rest, relax and rejuvenate. I arrive on the beach by early afternoon, set up camp, and let the peace and solitude wash over me, helping to purge the body of stress. Throw a burger on the portable grill, take a quick dip in the cooling waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and let the setting sun behind the dunes cast a calming shadow. Our little piece of paradise in an otherwise unruly world…. News

The Cape Cod Canal

Up until recently, my favorite part of the Cape would have been a beach or a local restaurant. I’ve moved those aside and now have moved the Canal to the top of my list. The canal has several bridges that are going to turn 100 in the next couple of decades, on top of an incredibly unique railroad bridge. When it comes to people, each day brings a different crowd to the canal. Fisherman, families, fitness buffs, tourists and beyond. My favorite times to be at the canal are early morning to fish, or at sunset to catch the colors reflect off the water over the bridges.
Brian, Staff

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