My Thoughts on Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga performs at halftime of the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5, 2017 in Houston, TX. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

The Super Bowl has been played and as you know The Patriots WON! Their win was of course the main thing on that very special night.

The next biggest thing about the Super Bowl was the halftime show. I thought Lady Gaga gave a very strong performance. The songs she chose were her most popular and she and also performed her newest song “Million Reasons” which we play on “999 The Q” I read a lot of reviews the day after The Super Bowl and every review I read about Lady Gaga’s halftime show performance was positive. As I was reading articles about how great she was…I also stumbled on many articles discussing her “stomach” wait! What!? Hundreds and Hundreds of people were saying they couldn’t believe how “flabby” lady Gaga’s stomach was! She apparently had a “pouch” that I didn’t notice as she was performing but apparently everyone else saw it. I actually rolled back my DVR to take a look. I couldn’t believe it…I had to study her to notice any sort of “pouch!” Was there a tiny bump there…ok…yes…I guess….but really it got me thinking what do people want from someone. Complete perfection? Come on!!!

Lady Gaga in my opinion, sounded spectacular and looked phenomenal! The negative reviews were from both men and women. I wish that before they wrote their review they looked at their own body to see the flaws they have…would they want people picking them a part. I think not! Lady Gaga responded with “I love my body and you should love yours too” That just about sums it up!
Lady Gaga will be performing at Fenway Park, September 1st. I don’t know about you…but I’m going to be focused on a great performer not the stomach of a great performer!

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