The Nope Extension

The internet….ah, how do we live without it nowadays?

Do you find yourself like me, connected 24/7? Phone, laptop, iPad – it’s all electronics, all the time. The internet is instant gratification. ‘Ask Google’ is the new Encyclopedia Britannica (ask you kids what an encyclopedia is, it’s depressing). Google Maps is the new Rand McNally atlas. I mean, how CONVENIENT is having navigation on our phones and in our cars?! You get my drift, the internet has many, many great qualities. Don’t get me started about my online shopping addiction; that’s a blog for another time.

I ran across a story featuring a new browser extension tool for Google Chrome. This particular extension is called ‘Nope’ and its sole function is to help the user escape conversations with his/her co-workers. The Nope extension is a button installed on your browser that connects to your phone. When that co-worker you’d rather avoid (we don’t have any of those here at CCB Media, FYI) mosies up to your workspace, you can hit the button and instantly have a ringing phone to excuse yourself from their gossip break. This is a legit extension with a recorded voice on the other end prompting you with instructions to provide you with a solid ‘out’.

This is where my logical mind kicks in. I see the usefulness of this, but is this problem such a widespread epidemic that someone felt the need to create a solution? Why can’t we just tell the offender we have work to do, or excuse our self without needing a robocall to do the dirty work? It’s not like you can use it every time someone walks up; that becomes too obvious.

In all fairness, extensions are quite helpful and I have many installed on my own computer, but think I’ll be passing on the Nope extension. If you think the ‘Nope’ extension is brilliant, go ahead and install it and enjoy your solitude. If you love Google Chrome extensions too, check out this list of the Top extensions to install here.

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