Can You Believe It’s Almost Summer?

Can you believe we are just a couple weeks away from the start of Summer? Guess it's just going to be 'one of those summers' on the Cape and Islands. … [Read more...]

Ever Seen Yellow Tide?

You've heard of Red Tide, but what about Yellow Tide?   Pollen has taken over the Cape! It's a freakish … [Read more...]

Did you feel it? Because you were robbed.

Did you feel it? Because you were robbed. And no, I'm not talking about the sky-high gas prices. I'm talking about pre-Memorial Day Cape Cod. All … [Read more...]

One of My Favorite Days

Sunday marks one of my favorite days. It's a day dedicated to celebrating the women who made us who we are. I'm not sure if it's luck or divine … [Read more...]

I Call It “Mom Shaming”

In today's society, shaming one another over the most ridiculous or trivial reasons has become the new norm. Every social media platform is ripe with … [Read more...]

Weather Jealousy

Weather jealousy – I think I suffer from it. There are some amazing advantages to living on Cape Cod, mostly, our amazing surroundings: the … [Read more...]

Patience With Your Commute

Patience -- Webster's Dictionary defines it as: bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint. No wonder this is an issue I struggle with on any … [Read more...]

Summer Camp Blues

Ahh, summer camp - the season of bug screen, sunblock and sweat! I'm sure you are asking yourself, there's still snow on the ground, why are you … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Time!

It's that time of year, time to pull out the heavy artillery and give the house a thorough 'spring' cleaning. (I use the term "spring" loosely, … [Read more...]

Just The Wakeup I Needed

Coming off the heels of International Women's Day, I'm inspired by all the fanfare. To see so many mentions on social media … [Read more...]