Will You Help Otis Find a Home?

Meet Otis, a senior Puggle! That’s a beagle/pug! Otis came to us when his owners moved into no-pets-allowed housing. Poor Otis suffered from a lifetime of painful ear infections that were never treated. Because of that, he does not like anyone touching his ears, which is understandable! Otis had major surgery at Angell Animal Medical Center to address his condition, but he will need ear medications for the rest of his life. Despite all of this, Otis is a sweet, super-playful and kind dog with a lovely disposition. He’ll need a quiet home without young kids for his ‘retirement.’ Dogs possible after an introduction, cats unknown.

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Looking for a Pet?

The MSPCA Cape Cod has dogs and cats that need good homes! Please visit their location in Centerville! Each week, CapeCod.com, in conjunction with 99.9 the Q, picks an animal and tries to help find a home for that animal. See below for all the animals that we’ve helped and that are available still!



  1. Otis is a very loving dog. I miss him dearly he will make any family very happy. Miss you otiss!!!

  2. Eddie Van says:

    That poor guy suffered from painful ear infections his entire
    Time in his owner’s “care”. Hopefully, he will live out his
    Later life loved without suffering.

    • Brittany Vollmuth says:

      I took very great care of my dog thank you and he didn’t suffer hys entire life in my care thanks he had a very loving family but when my mother DIED from CANCER we had no choice but to get help so keep ur mouth SHUT

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