What Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

When asked what we’d like for Mother’s Day, most Moms, especially those with small children, will say they’d like something handmade by that child, or breakfast in bed, or some flowers. These are all wonderful and thoughtful gestures but, sometimes – just sometimes – Mom really wants something else.
We’ve talked recently with women who are family, friends, co-workers and social acquaintances, and asked them what they’d REALLY like for Mother’s Day. Here are some of their answers. So, if you’re wondering what your Mom might really like, maybe this will give you a few ideas. Enjoy!

Sleep 💤

My children not to argue for the day!

My children to be sweet to me for the day, however they can.

I’d love the day off… and not come back home to a mess to have to clean up.

Making me breakfast, with no fighting for the day, and cleaning it up afterwards.

A whole day of no cooking!

1) My husband to play sick from work for one day while the kids are at school. 2) My kids not to fight for one day. 3) Someone to make me a home-cooked meal.

I’d like my family and boyfriend to take me to the beach! Rain or shine, cold or warm, it’s my happy place – salty air and waves crashing.

To go back to childhood and be taken care of, not have a care in the world, and feel that security.

I’d just like to spend the day with my family doing something to make us smile/relax.

Would love to sleep in.

Most importantly, I want to spend the day doing “non-mom” things – no laundry, no dishes, no cleaning, no nagging, and no whining.

I want those plastic wrappers from juice box straws and cheese strings to magically get into the garbage themselves. I would also like to never see a sock on the floor again in my house.

To have my pre-baby body back. (If you see it please return it to its rightful owner. It went missing and is probably enjoying a pre-baby lifestyle at a spa or drinking hot cups of coffee in bed.)

I’d like to use the restroom in private. If you have a toddler you understand.

I’d like another baby. It’s all worth it and there many women who trade places in a heartbeat.

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