Large-scale drug bust spans Cape Cod

CAPE COD – A media release from the Barnstable Police Department Thursday details multi-agency law enforcement activities relating to street-level narcotics sales on Cape Cod. It reports that a number of subjects were arrested around the Cape based on a drug investigation by the Massachusetts State Police working and several Cape Cod Police Departments including the Barnstable Police Department Community Impact Unit.

According to the media release, officers of the Barnstable Police Department Community Impact Unit have recently received numerous complaints from members of the homeless community regarding predatory drug dealers victimizing homeless people. According to the complaints, these street-level drug dealers were taking advantage of the vulnerability of members of the homeless population by using aggressive tactics to convince homeless people, many of whom are in drug addiction recovery, to purchase illegal drugs.

As a result of these complaints, the Community Impact Unit initiated an investigation that included the Barnstable Police Department Street Crime Unit, and the Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit assigned to the Office of Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe.   This investigation identified a number of individuals who were involved in street-level sales of illegal narcotics.

During the investigation, undercover police officers engaged in purchases of illegal narcotics from a number of individuals.

During this time, members of the Bourne Police Department responded to complaints regarding illegal narcotics activity in the Buzzards Bay area. The Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit and the Cape Cod Drug Task Force joined the investigation.

This investigation resulted in a number of undercover drug purchases by officers.

On July 22, 2015 officers obtained 19 individual arrest warrants for violations of the controlled substance act.

On July 23, 2015, officers from the Barnstable Police, the Massachusetts State Police, Bourne Police, Brewster Police, Chatham Police, Mashpee Police, Plymouth Police, Sandwich Police, Yarmouth Police and the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office assembled at the Barnstable Police Department where a command post was established for the operation. Two additional briefings were simultaneously conducted at both the Yarmouth and Bourne Police Departments. At the completion of the briefings arrest teams were sent out to execute the arrest warrants.

Of the nineteen arrest warrants, twelve individuals were arrested, five individuals were found to be incarcerated on separate charges and two individuals were outstanding at the time of this report.

The following seven individuals were arrested and booked at the Barnstable Police Department and arraigned in the Barnstable District Court:
(Top row l-r)

  • Chelsea Savoie, 28, of Hyannis – charged with Distribution Class A Heroin 94C/32A; Conspiracy to violate CSA 94C/40
  • Manesha Mendes, 22,  of Hyannis – Distribution Class A Heroin 94C/32A; Conspiracy to violate CSA 94C/40
  • Jana Grauer, 33, of Hyannis – Distribution Class A controlled Substance 94C/32A
  • Kevin McGill, 57, of Hyannis – Distribution Class B crack cocaine 94C/32B; Conspiracy to violate CSA 94C/40
    (bottom row l-r)
  • Kimberlie Montanez, 50, of Hyannis – Distribution Class A Heroin 94C/32A.
  • Jason Dilleree, 34, of Hyannis – Distribution Counterfeit Substance 94C/32G.
  • Paige Burkley, 25, of Hyannis – Distribution of a Counterfeit Substance 94C/32G.

The following three individuals were arrested and booked at the Yarmouth Police Department and arraigned in the Orleans and Barnstable District Courts:

  • Angelina Nickerson – Distribution Class A heroin 94C/32A; Conspiracy to violate CSA (2 counts); Barnstable District Court.
  • Travis Festog – Distribution Class A Heroin 94C/40; Conspiracy to violate CSA 94C/40; Barnstable District Court.
  • Jeana Ridlon – Distribution Class A Heroin 94C/32A; Conspiracy to Violate CSA 94C/40.

The following two individuals were booked at the Bourne Police Department and arraigned in the Falmouth District Court:

  • Kevin Dowling – Distribution Class A heroin 94C/32A; Conspiracy to Violate CSA 94C/40.
  • Julie Graham – Distribution Class A Heroin (2 Counts) 94C/32A; Conspiracy to Violate CSA 94C/40.

Media release and mugshots provided by the Barnstable Police Department


  1. Debbie Walden says

    I’d like to know who I can contact regarding a video on FaceBook of a 19 year old crushing and using what he said is “crack cocaine”.

  2. Good work local and State Police!!! We need to get these predators off the streets for a long time. I am grateful for your hard work.

  3. Debbie Walden says

    FYI–I DID CALL! THEY NEVER CALLED BACK–thanks for your input, I’m not stupid!

  4. The cops suck. Overpaid and overstocked. Judging by the looks of these people they’re definitely not making any money and clearly have a dependence. Anyone knows when you’re trying to kill something you cut it off the head. All they did was take off a finger nail. Great job “task” force. If the task was to arrest mothers with addictions. Lames

  5. Also im sure many homeless need no persuasion to purchase drugs. The focus should be on the pigs and the kangaroo court system

    • There were not even homeless people involved, (it was a cop who might I add got high himself, I witnessed it with my own eyes) there was a cop who went undercover living at the homeless shelter and drove around approaching people asking for drugs says that him and his wife were addicts and that she was at home very sick and he needed something. He called me for 3 days before I finally said yes. All of those arrested were approached by this “cop” and he got high in front of most of us. This whole article is bullshit. Also we were all homeless and all middlemaned things to get him stuff ” called a dealer and met them for something to get this guy”! None of which was said in this article. 90% of the people charged with this beat the case cause this guy did shit so wrong! Scumbag!

  6. Justjoking says

    I’ve never heard of a drug king pin being a woman. I doubt taking street-level drug dealers will do much other than meet the police monthly arrest goal, the census for the judge to keep a courthouse fully funded, and the jail/prison census full so as to give the guards overtime hours, and a nice pension for the probation officer. God forbid we have to cut correctional staff due to empty prison beds!

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