Video: Yarmouth DNR responds to stuck deer at Seagull Beach

– On Sunday, the Yarmouth Division of Natural Resources (DNR) was notified of a deer that appeared to be stuck just off shore of Seagull Beach in West Yarmouth.

A Yarmouth DNR Field Supervisor responded to the area where he located a deer in distress on Dog Fish shoal. The deer was disoriented and stuck on the sand.

Eventually the deer freed itself and tried to make its way on shore. The deer was still reluctant to come in and stayed in the water. The Field Supervisor recognized that the deer would not come out and would need to be encouraged into shore. He then entered the water and moved around the deer. Quickly after that the deer moved out of the water and ran off back into the woods.

The video below shows parts of the event.

Media release and video furnished by Yarmouth DNR