Here We Go Again…

So I stepped on the scale last week after eating my way through Long Island trip to see the family... I was stunned... STUNNED! I won't go into the … [Read more...]

Wondering What’s Closed On Thanksgiving?

Greetings! As I type this, today is the last day of business for Benny's. They have been around for decades here on Cape Cod, Southeastern Mass., … [Read more...]

Cooking and I Go Back and Forth

Sometimes I enjoy it, and sometimes I don’t. I'm talking about cooking. I’m back on a it is good to cook, it’s cheaper and in the long run, better … [Read more...]

Fall Fun… and Clean-up!

It is well documented that I am a beach bum, not a fan of fall. However, if you are, and you need to get your yard in shape for the winter, and want … [Read more...]

Here Come The B’s!

Where does the year go? Time for another hockey season! Personally, i think the season should be 20 games shorter and NOT go into June, but … [Read more...]

How About Those Sox?

Well, look who is back in the playoffs! Another solid season from the Old Town Team! As of this writing, they have the wild card, but that will change … [Read more...]

Have Your Heard The New Taylor Swift Song?

Have you heard the new single Taylor Swift dropped yet? Wow.  It's called "Look What You Made Me Do" from … [Read more...]

How to Have a Clambake

Happy summer friends! I hope you are enjoying your Cape Cod summahhhhh! There are a few things that are Cape Cod. 1. Bridge traffic 2. … [Read more...]

Fourth of July… ALREADY!?!

Is the 4th really here? It seems like yesterday we were talking about Christmas. Here we are busy here on the Cape. I will be here, working on the … [Read more...]

It’s My Favorite Time of the Year…It’s Grilling Season!

It’s grilling season! I consider myself a grill expert! Well, I grill all year long, but with summer being here, I grill almost every day! If … [Read more...]

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