Countdown To Christmas: Christmas Dinner

KA_Christmas Countdown Article 2015 Kaitlin's Article Gift Shops_Hyannis_12181529When I was younger, like all kids, I couldn’t wait to see what Santa brought me. But once the toys were all unwrapped, it was time to get excited about Christmas dinner. I loved to spend the day baking cranberry bread, pies and all sorts of side dishes with my mom. Christmas dinner is awesome because you get to spend it with the people you love while you stuff your face for an hour.

Everyone has their own traditional Christmas day side dish. For my mom, it’s mac and cheese, which I can attest is THE BEST in the world.
This past week quizzed Christmas shoppers in Hyannis about what they might have on the menu for the big holiday.
“We have prime rib,” said Sue Masure of Mashpee. “Every year we make up a big old prime rib and have that in addition to turkey, it’s great. All the kids love it.”

While Sue is going the meat route, Emily Abraham’s family will be gathered around the fire eating massive amounts of lasagna. Which brings me to my aunt. She always makes meatballs for our Christmas brunch, never spaghetti AND meatballs, just meatballs. Granted they are delicious, it’s just a little odd.KA_Christmas Countdown 2015 Article_Kaitlin 53
Of course, the day after Christmas, no matter how much you eat, you are left with the leftovers. My mom makes good use of ours with her leftovers stew. She picks off the meat remaining on the turkey, cuts up leftover carrots and celery and makes some rice, then she puts in all in the crockpot with a little chicken stock and boom, leftover stew.
We all have our own quirky Christmas traditions. What are yours? Let us know in the comments below.
Seasons Greetings and Happy Eating from all of us here at!

– By Kaitlyn Holzworth

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