Confessions from a Ditz

Do you have those “blonde” moments in life? They seem to come a little more frequently these days for me. I’m not talking about the usual misplaced item or walking into a room and completely forgetting what you were going for, I’m talking “wow, did that just happen?!” moments.

Lately, these moments for me revolve around vehicles. When I have to swap cars with my husband, trouble always ensues. I have wandered around grocery store parking lots for upwards of 25 minutes looking for my vehicle. Of course, my mind is filled with ‘Why doesn’t the panic button work? Did someone steal my car? And most importantly, my ice cream will be melted!’ Thankfully, my husband usually reminds me that I’m not in my car. Duh! Dangit!

The auto industry has come a long way. I love that I can have the fob in my purse and the car knows when I’m near and magically unlocks. My husband’s car is such a beast. I use my lock/unlock key fab for my own vehicle. (you needed that preface for this embarrassing story) We don’t swap vehicles often, usually for maintenance, a trash/recycle run, picking up a big item, that sort of thing; so it’s not a common swap. But just this morning I found myself in my husband’s car. I pulled into the drugstore and was in the store long enough that I forgot what car I showed up in. When I left and pulled out my car keys, it was strange when the car didn’t unlock. Nothing – none of the doors, the hatch, nothing. A “normal” person would have probably caught on at this point, but not me. I’m looking all around, thinking I’m being punked. Of course, my thought is ‘battery in my fob is dead. So I try the key in the lock. When was the last time you put a key in a car door lock. This set off a whole new line of thoughts in my scatterbrain. ‘Hmmm, when was the last time I put a key in a car door?’ “Squirrel!” It was when I looked up and saw the handicapped parking tag hanging from the rearview mirror that I decided this was not my car. Oh my gosh! Here was a car IDENTICAL to mine 3 (empty) spaces down from my husband’s car. Of course, there were approximately 5 cars in the lot.

I need to find something to make my cars more identifiable. Racing stripes? Car light eyelashes? Anything but a dent/scratch! What is your secret to finding your car? Email me your suggestions at [email protected]

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