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See that motorcycle? It’s mine. Like so many other riders I am grieving in the aftermath of one of the worst motorcycle accidents in New England’s memory where seven people were killed on their way to what should have been a happy weekend event in New Hampshire. In a nightmarish moment, seven lives were lost. I will not go into the details of the accident. You have seen the news stories. 

When something like this happens, we all feel it. There is no tighter community than our biker community.

Yes, I do know people who were in the line of motorcycles when the accident happened. They were members of the Jarheads MC, which is a non-profit group of United States Marine Veterans who do their best to support their communities. Last Friday I was part of a flag line with members of the Patriot Guard Riders, military veterans and other riders who stood in the heat side by side to show support for a fellow biker and his family. He was a Marine and a retired police officer. After the services and after the family said their final farewell, a young man with a toddler in his arms walked the entire length of flag line shaking everyone’s hand and thanking them.

We nodded our heads, we shook hands and hugged. We carefully rolled our flags and put them away for the next funeral.

We said goodbye, got on our motorcycles and rode out of the National Cemetery, but not before bidding each other to “Ride Safe”. 

I will never tell anyone that riding a motorcycle is a safe past time. It’s a lifestyle and it’s a freedom that brings with it a brotherhood and sisterhood like none other. Sadly, I need both hands to count how many of my friends have been hit by drivers who simply weren’t paying attention at stop signs and exit ramps and intersections.

I know there is a perception that people who ride motorcycles are big bad dudes and chicks with tattoos and club patches who enjoy a good-old knock-down-drag-out fight… But please take a look at me. Actually, take a look around the next time you are out and about.

Bikers are moms and dads. Bikers are doctors, lawyers and nurses. Bikers are veterans and athletes. Bikers are business owners and town employees. Bikers are police officers, firefighters and students. We care about the environment and we dedicate a lot of time to local charities like “Big Nick’s Ride For The Cape Cod Fallen”, “Toys for Tots”, Cancer Awareness as well as local families in need.

In fact, did you know that annually, bikers raise more money for charities across the country than any other group?

Our bikes are flashy and most of the time loud so that you will know we are near you when we ride to and from work every day, or when we are out enjoying the sunny weather, just like you.


Here is something to think about the next time you are driving in your car: If you are driving at 35 mph, your car will travel approximately 250 feet in 5 seconds. Looking at your phone for 5 seconds is the same as driving blindfolded for 250 feet. 

Please put your phone down while you are driving. Please look twice before you turn left or pull out of a parking lot. PLEASE don’t make a sudden stop or surprise U-turn. There is always a safer place to turn around up the road. If you are lost or tired, pull over. If you have car trouble, we might even be the ones who pull over to help. REMEMBER: We ALL want to get home tonight.

When you see a long line of bikes, there is a good chance we are riding to support a cause. We block traffic in order to make sure everyone stays together and safe. If you see one of these lines of bikes, it’s ok to wave. We will wave back – you might even get a smile. 

By the way, the largest charity motorcycle ride on the Cape is coming up on Sunday July 21st. It’s Big Nick’s Ride For the Fallen. A thousand (or more) motorcycles will wind their way from Bourne to Yarmouth in order to raise funds and awareness for our military veterans and our first responders.  Specifically, we will be raising funds for the families and survivors of the accident involving the Jarheads MC as well at the Cape Cod Fire Fighters & EMS Cancer Support Fund.  If you don’t ride, please show your support. Wave a flag, hold up a sign and perhaps make a donation to one of the worthy causes we support. 

Photo by DHouse Photography “Big Nick’s Ride 2018”

For more information, please visit or the facebook page: Big Nick’s Ride 

You can also email me: 


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