That Girl’s Blog: Red Cabbage or Radicchio

I was in line at the grocery store this this weekend, watching the high school-aged cashier struggle to look up a series of produce items she had … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Watch How To Open A Frozen Car Door (VIDEO)

Baby it's cold outside! This morning when I woke up, I had a nice glaze of ice on my car. Did you? Here is an easy way to get your frozen car doors to … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Are The Lights Going Out?

I love Christmas lights! I always have and I am sure I always will! This time of year I like to take time to drive around and see various holiday … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: The Elf In My House

There have been a lot of changes in my house this year. The newest addition was an ELF that popped up after Thanksgiving. I am guilty of not quite … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: #MeToo #Now What

It’s like watching a house of cards crumble on top of itself. Less than two months ago, actress Alyssa Milano made a social media Tweet that was met … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: A New Danger Zone

I am at a loss. Most people know that I am the type of person who is up to any challenge on a moment’s notice! Demolition Derby? (Done it and won … [Read more...]

That Girl In The Morning Chats With ABC’s Stephen Hubbard About the 2017 CMA’s The 2017 CMA … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: HOPE

Hope. Once again we are starting another week with headlines like a punch in the gut: "Another Mass Shooting!"  I want to cry. I want to … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: A Pumpkin Treat Your Pups Will Eat

Halloween is over and the candy shelves are now stocked with Christmas pizzazz!  Seriously, it's only been a few days! I am feeling the social … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Watch This Video

If you do nothing else today, please watch this video... The parallel seems a little strange at … [Read more...]

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