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Valentine’s Day has become a polarizing day on the calendar. Love it or hate it, the 14th is coming. I like the IDEA of Valentine’s Day, however, between pressure to buy things and the sterile relationships we develop through social media I think we have lost the feeling and meaning of Valentine’s Day.

I blame this largely on Facebook. You don’t even need to remember your sweetheart’s birthday anymore… A little box drops down with a picture saying “Do you want to wish your friend a Happy Birthday? 247 of your friends already have!” Seriously – you can even purchase an instant Starbucks gift card to be sent to their Inbox. Very sanitary. Very easy. No envelopes to lick. Of course, you screwed up because you weren’t the FIRST one to say “Happy Birthday”, but the safety net caught you and you should be O.K.

I imagine February 14th will work the same way. Click to post. Copy & Paste a heart, or a cute picture of a sad little puppy with a red bow. This makes me a little sad.

Does anyone remember sitting in Arts & Crafts and MAKING Valentines cards as children? Glue and glitter and punch-holes and lace doilies with words written in crayon? O.K., they were messy and some of us always used too much paste and glitter so they ended up glued shut and ripping when someone tried to read them. But didn’t they mean more to your family and friends?

Nothing tops a homemade Valentine

Nothing tops a homemade Valentine

How about giving cards to everyone you knew at school? I still remember sitting up past my bedtime on February 13th with those boxes of mini cards and a pen, carefully hand writing names on each envelope for each of my classmates… and my teacher… and my bus driver… and the teacher’s assistant… and the principal… Do kids still do that? Do adults? Actually, I do. Even when I worked at the Harley dealership, every Valentine’s Day, I made sure there was a little card with a bad pun and a piece of candy for each of my co-workers. Why? To make them smile.

Granted, the impersonal mini cards that read “You’re Super!” might be acceptable for 6 year olds and co-workers, but not be quite enough for your REAL Valentine. Remember, Valentine’s Day started as a literary day. A day for poetry and love! When was the last time you wrote a poem? Don’t worry. There are some shops that still carry not-so-generic cards, like the 1856 Country Store in Centerville and Fein Things in Dennis. On the other hand, if a card isn’t good enough for you, and you are not a poet, may I suggest a custom love song?


We all know I adore a good mix tape. Have you ever been listening to the radio and heard a song that brought you back to a moment? The first time you met? The first concert you went to? Your first date? Have you ever thought how amazing it would be to have someone sing “your song” from a stage to you and your Valentine? Well… I just might know a guy who can help you out!

My friend Brian Alex (you might know him from the local band ENTRAIN) writes custom love songs! Brian has mastered the talent of taking stories and spinning them into the most amazing songs for couples! Brian will make a professional studio recording and even surprise your Sweetheart with a live rendition of your love song! It might be a little short notice for this Valentine’s Day, but maybe for next year… or maybe a marriage proposal or wedding anniversary! Why not have a look at Brian’s website:

I suppose it all comes down to making a gesture towards someone you care about… even a little. I hated being that kid someone “forgot” to get the card or candy for in a classroom. I think everyone deserves a smile and a reminder that someone is thinking about them. I understand the philosophical debate that Valentine’s Day is strictly a retail holiday. I guess I am a romantic but I believe that a few kind words on a piece of paper, or a piece of candy, or even a song can brighten everyone’s day. If you agree, then I hope you will be my Valentine.

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Cat Wilson is "That Girl" on Cape Country 104 – a Cape Cod native and longtime Cape radio personality. She is a passionate supporter of Military and Veteran causes on the Cape and also hosts local music spotlight program, “The Cheap Seats” on Ocean 104.7.


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