What’s the One Thing?

What’s the one thing you can do that will make you proud today? And what might throw you off?

Like many women in my demographic, I’ve become a follower of Rachel Hollis. She’s a self-described hustler, goal chaser, and mogul. With only a high school diploma she moved to LA (do you mean Louisiana or Los Angeles?), worked as a personal assistant and started an event planning company on the side. She eventually entered the world of mommy bloggers and is now what I call “the new Oprah.” She’s not for everybody and, to be honest, not everything she says resonates with me, but those two questions, which she included every day on her priority planner, are GOLD.

Obviously, I am a working mom. If you’re reading this, then you probably listen to me on the radio. I spend a lot of time not only putting out a show, but putting together all the elements that go into the show. In addition to that, next month I’ll have two babies under 3 years. And, like most married women, I sort of take charge of the majority of the domestic stuff at home, as well. Our home is a fixer upper and my husband, who also works full time, spends his extra time renovating our house. We also have a side business that takes up a lot of our time.

All of the above means I make to-do lists. A LOT of to-do lists. I have a list every morning for things I need to do at work. There are the standard things I need to do every day, I record a promo for Feel Good Mornings and then the extras: call the Teacher of the Month; contact someone about Feel Good News story; make a doctor appointment; start working on taxes; fold the laundry … you get it.

Every day in this new planner I bought there are two questions that have changed my to-do list game:

What’s something you can do that can make you proud of yourself? What can I anticipate that might throw me off track?

That first question always has me looking at my to-do list and thinking: man, if I get THAT thing done it will be a huge burden lifted, a great accomplishment, or I’ll just be so proud that I stopped putting it off.

The second question has made think about time wasters (hello social media), or people who could change my energy or take up too much of my day in long, drawn-out meetings or conversations, and sometimes piling on too much for myself. You can’t get anything done if you’re exhausted.

I’ve only been using the practice of singling out ONE thing that I really want to get done and identifying pitfalls for three weeks. It’s changed my productivity and, to be honest, my entire outlook. I’ve minimized my time spent on things that aren’t relaxing or productive, I’ve identified things that stop me from achieving my goals (unsubscribe from store emails and unfollow accounts if you don’t want to spend money), and I’ve done things that I have said for months that I just don’t have time to do.

If you are a to-do list queen like me, try asking yourself those two questions and write down your answers at the bottom of your to-do list, because it helps immensely. And now, excitedly, I get to go cross “write a blog” off my list!

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Rebecca Romo hosts Feel Good Mornings weekday mornings from 6-10 am on 99.9 The Q. Originally from New Orleans, she moved to Cape to be with her husband a second generation Cape Codder.

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