Falmouth Road Race Spectator Survival Guide

The Falmouth Road Race is nearly upon us and participants have been training, and preparing their bodies and minds for a race which is crowded, difficult and all consuming. You can’t go into an event like that without thought. Why then do the spectators, thousands of them, go into the event without a plan? It’s amateur, and this lack of forethought will not lead to a successful day of spectating. Here’s your last minute spectators guide to not just surviving, but winning the Falmouth Road Race.

What about Parking?

There is no parking in Falmouth on race day. Technically, you are allowed to try your luck at the Mullen-Hall and Morse Pond Schools, Town Hall, the public lot near the library, and the Homeport office complex on Gifford Street. But don’t rely on any of those options as thousands of other runners and spectators will be attempting the same thing.

Don’t park on private property. It’s not very nice and you could get towed.

Falmouth is further limiting options this year by eliminating parking on Worcester Court.

Access to the start area in Woods Hole will be strictly controlled by public safety and there is NO PARKING available and NO BOAT DROP-OFFS. Only official vehicles will be allowed to drive to Woods Hole.

OK, There’s No Parking, What Do I Do?

So here’s the advice: plan early, leave early (traffic will be a mess, it always is). Get a ride if you can, somebody who can drop you and your friends off, leave Falmouth, then come back and get you and bring you home. It you do not have such a friend, try using one of the ride-sharing services or a taxi.

Take a bus. The Cape Cod RTA will have additional shuttles running that day to bring you to the race.

Take a bike. For the third year, the pace is offering a Bike Valet Program to allow runners to leave a bicycle in Falmouth Heights. Easy return to Lawrence School, your home, or where you’re staying Race Weekend.

Where Will I Stand to Watch?

Pretty much anywhere, as crowded as it is. it’s a decent sized course and finding a spot with a view of the action is doable. That said, you may want to avoid the start and finish lines. Yes, it is where the action is, but it’s also madness. There’s a lot going on and there is nothing worse than dealing with Race Day Falmouth only to spend hours taking elbows and staring at the back of some stranger’s heard. Do yourself a favor, watch from the middle miles.

Where Should I Plan to Meet Up with My Runner After the Race?

The Ball Field Area will have a designated Family Meeting Area with lettered signs – meet your runner under the sign for their last name or work out a pre-arranged location. The ball field can get very crowded with runners and friends.

What if I Get Hungry?

Bring a granola bar. The refreshments provided are for runners only. You, however are welcome to bring your own refreshments or purchase snacks from the vendors in the area.

If you’re looking for a real post-race meal or libation, plan ahead and make a reservation. This is a busy day for area businesses, expect lengthy wait times.

By CapeCod.com Staff

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